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Tenth Ounce Gold Mixed-Date South African Krugerrand Bullion Coins (Best Value)


Buy a Tenth Ounce Gold Mixed-Date South African Krugerrand Bullion Coins (Best Value)

(VAT Exempt)
Best value gold 1/10oz Krugerrands are selected from our current surplus stock. These are a great choice if you're looking for lowest premiums on gold 1/10 oz bullion coins. The first 1oz Krugerrands were produced by the South African Mint and the Rand Refinery in 1967, with fractional ounce sizes following in 1980. These 22 carat gold coins quickly became the flagship bullion coin worldwide, with over 90% of the gold coin trade consisting of Krugerrands by the 1980s. These gold coins are composed of crown gold, which is 22 carat (0.917 fine), weighing a total of 3.39 grams. They have a 16.55 millimetre diameter and show a portrait of Boer statesman Paul Kruger on the obverse and a 'pronking' springbok on the reverse. These designs are instantly recognisable to investors who value these gold coins for their trusted name and the fact that they're VAT exempt in the UK. Our best value tenth ounce Krugerrands are carefully authenticated by our expert staff, ensuring you get the genuine article every time. Though they may show slight blemishes, typical on bullion coins, they're guaranteed to contain exactly a tenth of a troy ounce of pure gold and the bullion value of the coins is not affected. We'll supply our choice of year from our available stock, which allows us to pass on savings compared to buying 'dated' coins. Our price includes free shipping to UK addresses.
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The Britannia Coin Company's best value pre-owned 1/10 ounce Krugerrands are available at a low margin over the spot gold price.


Portrait of Afrikaner statesman Paul (Paulus) Kruger, fifth President of the South African Republic (ZAR, Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek). Designed by the German engraver, Otto Schultz. This engraving first appeared on ZAR coinage in 1892. Legend: 'SUID-AFRIKA · SOUTH AFRICA'.


A pronking springbok, the national animal of South Africa, graces the reverse. This design first appeared in 1947 on the South African Crown coin and was designed by sculptor Coert Steynberg. Legend: 'KRUGERRAND FYNGOUD 1/10OZ FINE GOLD', with the date either side of the springbok.


3.39 grams of 22 carat (0.917 fine) gold. Diameter: 16.55 millimetres. Actual gold weight: 0.1 troy ounces (3.11 grams). 


Issued loose in bullion condition. These tenth ounce Krugerrands may show some minor blemishes such as edge knocks or scratches owing to mass production methods. This is perfectly normal for bullion coins and will not affect the precious metal value of them. Images provided of this product are stock photos and the coins you receive will be from the same issue, having the exact same specifications.

Fractional Gold Krugerrand Coins

As the popularity of the Krugerrand and other gold coins increased together with the price of gold, in 1980 the South African Mint introduced half-ounce, quarter-ounce and one-tenth ounce gold Krugerrands so as to allow smaller investors to enjoy the benefits of coin too. Since then, the family has been extended further. Each coin follows the same designs as the full one-ounce Krugerrand.

Additionally, gold Krugerrand sets are available which have either a combination of different-sized coins or a mixture of dates. In 2017, the 50th anniversary of the launch of the 1oz gold Krugerrand, the South African Mint shocked the coin world by issuing a silver Krugerrand. The anniversary celebrations also included placing a special mint mark on the gold Krugerrands.

1/10oz Gold Krugerrand Face Value

The Republic of South Africa is the southernmost country in Africa. The currency is the South African Rand. In 1961, South Africa replaced the £sd system with the decimalised Rand, with 100 cents making up one rand (R1). In introducing the gold Krugerrand, the intention from the South African government was that these coins would be used as ordinary circulating coinage, hence the use of the 0.917 fine gold to manufacture them. The success of this bullion coin inspired other countries to strike gold investment coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf (introduced 1979), the American gold Eagle (1986) and the British Britannia (1987).

This didn't necessarily happen, but a law passed in 1989 gave the coins legal tender status in South Africa. Unusually for a legal currency coin, the monetary value of the Krugerrand was the melt value of the gold composed in it. So if the spot price of gold per troy ounce was 35,000 Rand, the monetary value of a 1/2oz gold Krugerrand would be R3,500. Contrast this to nearly all other world bullion coins, which have a nominal face value far lower than their precious metal value.

Buy Gold 1/10oz Krugerrands

Krugerrands are the official gold bullion coins of South Africa and are produced by the South African Mint in conjunction with the Rand Refinery. They are very popular with bullion collectors, being traded at price levels very closely associated with the live gold price. The more recent coins are noted for their strong rose gold hue, which is caused by the exclusive use of copper in the alloy. Earlier editions may appear more yellow due to silver being present. Each Krugerrand is manufactured using crown gold, which is 91.67% fine gold (22 carat). It's certainly not the most attractive coin ever produced, however this alloy gives the coins unparalleled durability compared to 'pure' gold bullion coins (0.999+ fine), making them ideal for investment. 

In modern coin history, the gold one ounce Krugerrand is the most famous of all gold bullion coins. The tenth ounce version was launched by South Africa in 1980, a world first. US sanctions against the apartheid regime in the mid to late 1980s did dampen the trade in Krugerrands, but restrictions were lifted in 1991.

Although intended as an investment article, there is a collector's market for dated Krugerrands. In certain years, tenth ounce bullion Krugerrands were not produced, which makes collecting them frustrating. Mintage figures have also been regarded as unreliable since the mid-1990s. 

1/10oz Gold Krugerrand Design 

The design of the 1/4oz gold Krugerrand has been consistent since its introduction in 1980 and was copied from the 1oz Krugerrand design. The name is derived from a combination of Kruger and rand, the South African unit of currency. Paul Kruger (1825-1904) was President of the Boer Transvaal Republic from 1883 to 1900 and his effigy is depicted on the obverse of this bullion coin. The eponymous Kruger was one of the most important people in the history of 19th-century South Africa, and you can also find his effigy on Transvaal Republic coinage from 1892-1902.

The obverse (front, heads) shows an image of Paul Kruger with the Afrikaans and English words 'SUID-AFRICA  SOUTH AFRICA'. The reverse shows the famous springbok, a medium sized antelope indigenous to South Africa and is a common symbol of the country. The South African rugby team is nicknamed the "Springboks". The inscription confirms the gold weight 'FYNGOUD 1/10OZ FINE GOLD', together with the date and the words 'KRUGERRAND'.

Why Buy Gold 1/10oz Krugerrands?

Gold Krugerrands can be a great investment! There's a very liquid market in them worldwide which makes them an attractive gold investment option. Here's some reasons why you should consider purchasing them:

  • Physical asset - A 1/10oz gold Krugerrand coin is a physical, tangible asset. You can touch it, hold it and store it wherever you like.
  • Liquid asset - You can sell 1/10oz gold Krugerrand coins almost instantly, virtually anywhere in the world, often on the high street or by post. There is a strong buyer market for gold coins.
  • Affordable - Low relative price provides an easy entry into gold bullion investment for many people.
  • Authenticity - The 1/10oz gold Krugerrand is legal currency in South Africa.
  • Popularity - The 1/10oz Krugerrand is bought and sold with ease around the world.
  • Cost - The 1/10oz gold Krugerrand is priced very closely to the gold spot price.

Proof Krugerrands

The 1/10oz gold Krugerrand is also available in a proof version. This is a highly polished and carefully finished version of the coin, which is intended for coin collectors rather than bullion investors. The proof versions have a much lower mintage compared to the bullion editions and is often only available in sets, but some individual proof coins are available. 

If you can't tell the difference between a proof coin and a bullion coin just by looking, then count the number of serrations on the edge of the coin: proof Krugerrands will have more edge serrations than the bullion coins.

Sell Gold Krugerrand Coins

We offer to buy gold Krugerrands at some of the best rates in the country. If you'd like to sell your 1/10 ounce Krugerrands then head over to our Sell Your Coins page and find out how to get a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, only gold coins that are British legal tender pound sterling coins qualify for this exemption in the UK. You should consider UK gold coins such as Sovereigns or Britannias if CGT is important for you. However, the gold Krugerrands are VAT-free. You should consult an accountant or legal/tax advisor for the current legislation regarding gold investments if this is of concern.

‘Pure’ gold is actually quite soft and can easily scratch and dent. It would wear very quickly, so the SA Mint adds different metals to the alloy to strengthen it. The ratio used is 22 parts gold and 2 parts other metals, usually copper and silver. This alloy is known as ‘crown gold’ and is considerably harder and more durable than 99.99% fine gold. 

The main difference between the two types is in the finish, and this affects the visual appearance of the coin. Proof coins tend to have a highly polished mirror finish, unlike bullion coins which have a lower quality finish. Which type you buy depends on what your intentions are.

Yes, and we guarantee it. With high-value coins and investments such as  gold Krugerrands, collectors and bullion investors often worry about counterfeits, but actually gold coins are very difficult to forge due to gold's unique chemical properties. Gold is extremely dense and to use another metal and plate it with gold would almost certainly result in a coin that is under-weight, over-diameter or half as thick, something that would be spotted very easily by an expert. For added peace of mind, we test all of our coins on site using an XRF machine to help authenticate genuine coins.


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