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One Tenth Gold Krugerrand : Pre Owned (Best Value)

(VAT Exempt)
Our best value pre-owned one tenth Krugerrands. Random dates, selected by us from available stock. Low margin over the spot price of gold. Free shipping.
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Please Note: All coins are carefully inspected and tested to ensure they meet our minimum requirements, however you should understand that these coins are pre-owned and are likely to have signs of wear & tear. These coins are best purchased for their gold content, not as a collectable item. Although pre-owned, they will not be ex-jewellery.

1/10 ounce Krugerrand Gold bullion coin from the South African Mint. The reverse, designed by Coert Steynberg, is his signature depiction of the country’s emblem, the Springbok. The coin’s obverse presents a portrait of former South African President, Paul Kruger by Otto Schultz. Paul Kruger was founder of the South African Mint. His name combined with the South African currency, Rand, created the Krugerrand. This coin emanates the South African spirit and is the world's most traded bullion. Available in a number of different sizes, the Krugerrand is more accessible than other bullion coins. 

The Springbok, a type of antelope, is the defining symbol of South Africa.The Springbok can leap an impressive four metres into the air and its natural habitat is in south and southwestern Africa. Despite its controversial connections to apartheid as a mascot, President Nelson Mandela ruled to keep the Springbok as the nation's animal. South Africans have continued to adopt the animal for their sports teams, most famously the national rugby team, and on the Krugerrand. 

The South African Mint was founded by Paul Kruger after an 1886 Gold Rush in Pretoria. The Mint closed in 1902, when South Africa became part of the British Empire’s Transvaal Colony and began using pound sterling as currency. A branch of The Royal Mint was established in South Africa in 1923. It was subsequently closed as South Africa became independent and the South African Mint reopened in 1941. 


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