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Gold French 10 Francs (Best Value)

Gold French 10 Francs Best Value Marianne Obverse

Buy a Gold French 10 Francs (Best Value)

(VAT Exempt)
Our best value French 10 Franc coins are a fantastic way to invest in gold. Minted between 1854 and 1922 these attractive gold coins chart the complex politics of nineteenth century France. The example pictured shows a variation struck in the early twentieth century with a portrait of Marianne - the personification of the French Republic - to the obverse, paired with the image of a rooster: another important national symbol. When you buy our best value 10 Franc coins you might receive a range of different designs and dates. What you can be sure of is that each coin is composed of 3.20 grams of 900.0 fineness gold equivalent to 21.6 carats or 2.88 grams of pure gold. These gold coins measure 19.00 millimetres across, making them comparable in size and weight to a British Half Sovereign. Our best value coins are carefully authenticated by our expert team and are guaranteed to be in good to fair circulated condition. We’ll send you our choice of year from our current stock. A great investment, these gold coins are VAT exempt in the UK and EU.
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The Story of the Gold Franc

The first Francs were gold coins, issued by medieval French Kings. The name was revived for a new, decimalised national currency in introduced in the midst of the French Revolution in 1795. 1 Franc was worth 10 Décimes or 100 Centimes: a system that continued to be used until the Euro was adopted in 2002.

Gold coins, worth multiple Francs, were first minted in 1803 when Napoleon Bonaparte's was First Consul of France. These gold Francs served a similar purpose to the earlier French gold coin, the Louis D'Or. Initially, 20 and 40 Franc coins were issued, referred to as 'Napoléons', even when they no longer bore his likeness.

The gold 10 Franc coin was introduced in 1854, early in the reign of Napoleon III (nephew of Napoleon I) as Emperor of the French. They would be minted through the era of the Second Empire and through the Third Republic with the last of these coins minted in 1922. 

10 Franc Specifications

Throughout the nearly seventy years that these coins were minted, gold 10 Francs maintained a consistent specification. They measured 19.00 millimetres in diameter and weighed 3.20 grams. With a fineness of 900.0, equivalent to 21.6 carats, French 10 Franc coins contained 2.88 grams of pure gold.

The engravings on these coins varied with early examples incorporating a portrait of Napoleon III. The most famous designs and those that appear in the image above incorporates two important symbols of France.

The obverse shows the profile of Marianne, crowned with oak leaves. She's the female personification of the French Republic as Britannia is to the British Isles. The reverse shows a rooster, also known as the Gallic cock: a symbol of courage and bravery. 'Gallus' in Latin means 'Gaul' but also 'rooster'. Gold 10 Franc coins featuring Marianne were minted in the early nineteenth century, several other designs were used previously.

Investing in French Gold

The gold content of these French coins means that they are VAT exempt in the UK and EU. You will still need to pay Capital Gains Tax on any profit you make above the UK Government's CGT allowance as 10 Franc coins are not legal tender in Britain.

Your French 10 Franc coins will be selected from our available stock. For our Best Value offers we cannot guarantee the specific year or years you will receive. If you order multiple 10 Franc coins you may find that their dates and designs vary significantly.

However, we can guarantee that your French 10 Franc coins will be in good to fair, circulated condition. These French gold coins do not have significant numismatic value but you can trust that their pure gold content will be as stated. You will not find any ex-jewellery mount coins or similarly damaged stock in your order.


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