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639-641 Byzantine Empire Heraclius, Heraclius Constantine And Heraclonas Gold Solidus

639-641 AD Heraclius, Heraclius Constantine and Heraclonas Gold Solidus Byzantine Obverse

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Byzantine gold Solidus from the latter years of the reign of Heraclius I. The obverse shows full-length depictions of Heraclius and his two sons: Heraclius Constantine (Constantine III) and Constantine Heraclius (Heraklonas). Heraclius came to power in 610 after overthrowing the tyrant, Phocas. From 613 he ruled jointly with his eldest son, Constantine III and from 638 with another son, Heraklonas. The three co-emperors with the elder (slightly taller) in the centre each bear an orb on this gold coin. Both sons succeeded their father in turn. Including their image on money helped establish their claim. The reverse of this Solidus shows a cross potent on a three step plinth, the word ‘CONOB’ below. The legend around reads: VICTORIA AVGU’ with an ‘A’ officina letter at the end. Sear 770.
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No legend. Three standing figures: farther, Heraclius I in the centre with Heraclonas (Heraklonas) to the left and Heraclius Constantine (Constantine III) to the right, all holding orbs.


Cross potent on three-step plinth with 'CONOB' for Constantinople below. Legend around: 'VICTORIA AVGU' with 'A' at the end.


EF/GVF - Peripheral minor surface marks with some original bloom in fields, small reverse edge knock, about Extremely Fine, portraits superb.


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