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602-610 Byzantine Empire Constantinople Phocas Gold Solidus

602-610 AD Phocas Gold Solidus Byzantine Constantinople Obverse

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Buy a 602-610 Byzantine Empire Constantinople Phocas Gold Solidus

Byzantine gold Solidus of the emperor Phocas who ruled from the year 602. He came to power after a revolt against emperor Maurice, capturing Constantinople and purging his opponents. Remembered as a tyrant, he was ousted in a rebellion in 610, executed and replaced by Heraclius. His short reign dates this gold coin fairly precisely. It shows a facing portrait of Phocas to the obverse. He’s shown draped and cuirassed, wearing a crown and holding the globus cruciger in his right hand. The reverse shows a figure identified as Victory or Victoria, the personified goddess of victory. She stands holding a staff in the form of a staurogram in one hand and a globe in the other. The word ‘CONOB’ for Constantinople below. Probably ex-mount, this Solidus is otherwise in good Very Fine grade.
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Draped and cuirassed facing bust of the emperor Phocas, wearing a crown without pendilia, holding an orb and cross in his right hand. Legend: 'DN PHOCAS PERP AVG'.


Victory, standing holding a long staff terminating in staurogram in her right hand a globe in herleft. 'CONOB' in exergue, legend around: 'VICTORIA AVGU' with officina letter 'E'.


GVF - Crisp details with some weak striking to the left side, some very minor scratches under magnification and a blob of gold solder on obv ‘A’ - probable ex mount otherwise good Very Fine.


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