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402-450 AD Eastern Roman Empire Theodosius II Gold Tremissis Victory

402-450 AD Theodosius II Gold Tremissis Victory Obverse

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Tiny gold Tremissis of the emperor Theodosius II. Often called Theodosius the Younger, he was the son of the Emperor Arcadius and was proclaimed co-Augustus as an infant in the year 402 AD. When his father died in 408 the seven year old Theodosius became sole-emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire. He ruled until his death in a riding accident in 450, his reign best remembered for the publication of the Codex Theodosianus, the construction of the walls of Constantinople and his attempts to resolve theological controversies. Theodosius is depicted on this gold Tremissis in right-facing profile, draped and cuirassed. He wears a pearl diadem. The reverse shows standing, winged figure of Victory, walking right, holding a wreath and an globus cruciger. The word ‘CONOB’ appears below, representing the mint of Constantinople. The Tremissis or Tremis was introduced by the Theodosius I in the 380s and were regularly minted in the eastern Empire until the early 700s. Worth a third of a gold Solidus, these coins were also struck outside of the Empire across the kingdoms of north-western Europe.
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Pearl diadem wearing image of Theodosius II, facing right, draped and cuirassed. Legend around: 'DN THEODOSIVS PF AVG'.


Victory advancing forward, holding wreath and globus cruciger, star in right field. Legend around, widely spaced: 'VICTORIA AVG VSTORIAN' and, in exergue, 'CONOB' for the mint of Constantinople.


GVF - Good flan and strong details, especially reverse: good Very Fine.


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