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340–328 BC Phillip II of Macedon Gold Stater Amphipolis

340–328 BC Phillip II of Macedon Gold Stater Amphipolis Obverse

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Buy a 340–328 BC Phillip II of Macedon Gold Stater Amphipolis

Beautiful gold Solidus of Philip II of Macedon, struck at the Amphipolis mint, after the conquest of the city. The obverse shows the laureate head of Apollo with short curling hair, facing right. The reverse shows a figure driving a two-horse chariot, reigns in one hand, goad in the other. The horses rear over a trident head mark. Below, the legend ‘ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ’ - ‘of Philip’. Philip became king of Macedon in 359 BC. Initially on the periphery of Greek affairs, Macedon came to dominate the warring states under Philip’s leadership, thanks to his military reform and effective diplomacy. By the latter years of his reign he was able to bring former adversaries into a formal alliance known as the League of Macedon. After Philip’s assassination in 336 BC the League’s planned invasion of the Persian Achaemenid Empire was taken over by his son, Alexander III, better known as ‘the Great’. A stylish example. Sear 6663.
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Laureate head of Apollo, facing right with short curling hair.


Chariot pulled by two galloping horses and driven by a whip holding figure who clutches the reigns in his left hand. tirdent head mark in front of the horses legs. 'ΦIΛIΠΠOY' below.


EF - Beautiful classical style with no issues for Extremely Fine or near so.


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