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306-238 BC Greece Egypt Ptolemaic Ptolemy I Soter Gold Tetarte Triobol

306-238 BC Ptolemy I Soter Gold Tetarte Triobol Obverse

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Buy a 306-238 BC Greece Egypt Ptolemaic Ptolemy I Soter Gold Tetarte Triobol

A superb little gold Tetarte or Tribol coin of Ptolemy I Sorter, struck between 306 BC and 238 BC, this coin features an eagle standing on a thunderbolt to the reverse, and the head of Ptolemy himself to the obverse. Ptolemy I was born in 367 BC and ruled as pharaoh of Egypt from 305 BC to his death in 282 BC, founding the Ptolemaic dynasty that would dominate the region until 30 BC. He succeeded Alexander the Great to whom he was a companion and biographer. An attractive piece with an incredible history.
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Diademed head of Ptolemy I Soter, facing right.


Eagle standing on a thunderbolt, 'A' to left. Legend, above: 'BAΣIΛEΩΣ'.


VF - A good coin all round. Excess casting gold to bottom edge.


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