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2022 Piedfort Gold Proof Five Sovereign Pattern Coin Set Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee

SV522PM 2022 Elizabeth II 5 Coin Piedfort Gold Proof Sovereign Pattern Set Boxed

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Buy a 2022 Piedfort Gold Proof Five Sovereign Pattern Coin Set Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee

(VAT Exempt)
The first set of its kind: a five coin proof Sovereign set with all piedfort coins. Piedfort coins are double-weight, double-thickness coins. Theres been a few gold ‘full’ Sovereigns issued with this feature in the past but never a full set including double, quintuple and fractional piedfort Sovereigns. In addition, the 22 carat gold coins in this set display a one-year-only reverse, authorised to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This special royal arms design is used across coins in The Royal Mint’s 2022 Sovereign family and is the work of heraldic artist and experienced coin designer Timothy Noad. In this set the design features on a piedfort Quintuple Sovereign or Five Sovereign piece, a piedfort Double or Two Sovereign, a piedfort ‘full’ Sovereign, a piedfort Half Sovereign and a piedfort Quarter Sovereign. All are minted from 22 carat gold and weigh twice as much as the ordinary issues while retaining the standard diameter. That is, the ‘full’ Sovereign in this remarkable set weighs in at 15.97 grams rather than the ordinary 7.98 grams. This example is from a limited edition presentation of just 70 sets which were not available through The Royal Mint’s website. The coins come in capsules, enclosed within a bespoke wooden presentation box with their original certificate of authenticity included.
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Only 70 issued! This 2022 proof Sovereign set is the first piedfort set offered by The Royal Mint.

The Platinum Jubilee

In February 2022, Her Majesty the Queen will mark her Platinum Jubilee. This will be the first time that a British monarch has celebrated seventy years on the throne. She succeeded her father on 6 February 1952 and was crowned later the same year.

A range of public events are already planned for the Platinum Jubilee, including a special four-day bank holiday (eagerly anticipated in The Britannia Coin Company office). 

The Royal Mint, however, are getting ahead of the curve with jubilee commemorations, authorising a special reverse for their flagship gold coin to mark the occasion. Coins from the 2022 Sovereign family - released in late 2021 - are the ultimate Platinum Jubilee collectible to remember a momentous royal occasion.

The Royal Arms Reverse

Most Sovereigns feature an instantly-recognisable reverse image of Saint George, slaying a dragon.

Coins in this piedfort 2022 five-coin proof set mark a rare departure from this tradition, instead featuring a design inspired by Elizabeth II's royal arms. Crafted by heraldic artist Timothy Noad and the subject of much speculation ahead of its unveiling, the reverse is reminiscent of that which appeared on One Pound coins designed by Eric Sewell.

Noad was also responsible for the reverse of the 2002 Sovereign, struck for the Queen's Golden Jubilee so it’s fitting that he should be called upon again for this milestone issue. Speaking of the commission he said:

'It was thrilling to be asked to submit designs for The Sovereign once again. The Sovereign is the most special coin in the UK; it represents the pinnacle of minting and has a strong association with the monarch, even in its name.'

His reinterpretation of the royal coat of arms is paired with Jody Clark's fifth official effigy of Elizabeth II which appears on the obverse of each of the coins in this set.

The First Piedfort Sovereign Set

Piedfort 'full' Sovereigns have been offered before by The Royal Mint but never a full set, particularly in a year with an alternate reverse.

As of right now, this set - never available through the Mint's website - is the only way to get hold of double-weight, double-thickness 2022 proof Sovereigns. Each weighs twice as much as a standard issue. That is, while an ordinary Quintuple Sovereign is composed of 39.94 grams of 22 carat gold, the piedfort Five Sovereign piece in this set weighs in at a huge 79.88 grams.

In this set - enclosed within its original packaging you'll find:

  • A 2022 Elizabeth II Piedfort Gold Proof Quintuple Sovereign
  • A 2022 Elizabeth II Piedfort Gold Proof Double Sovereign
  • A 2022 Elizabeth II Piedfort Gold Proof 'full' Sovereign
  • A 2022 Elizabeth II Piedfort Gold Proof Half Sovereign
  • A 2022 Elizabeth II Piedfort Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign

Just 70 of these remarkable sets have been issued and this is your chance to get hold of one.

Technically these coins are not legal tender - hence the 'pattern' designation so they do not benefit from the Capital Gains Tax exemption that applies to other UK coinage. As investment grade gold they are VAT free.


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