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2006 South Africa Krugerrand Gold Proof Four Coin Set King Edward VII

2006 4 Coin Gold Proof Krugerrand Set Edward VII Boxed

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Buy a 2006 South Africa Krugerrand Gold Proof Four Coin Set King Edward VII

(VAT Exempt)
From a limited edition of just 200, this 2006 gold proof Krugerrand set comes with a special medallion featuring king Edward VII. He was was monarch of the Transvaal Colony, established after the Boer Wars, which became the Union of South Africa in 1910. More than 100 years on the South African Mint commemorated this complicated period in the nations history with a collectible set of four Krugerrands. These gold coins, struck using gold from the Rand Refinery were first issued in 1967 and are today available in a range of metals and finishes. This set contains a 1oz Krugerrand, a 1/2oz Krugerrand, a 1/4oz Krugerrand and a 1/10oz Krugerrand. All are composed of 22 carat gold and offered with a fine proof finish. All the coins in this set feature the distinctive portrait of Boer statesman, Paul Kruger, to the obverse. He gives these coins their name, combined with the Rand, the official currency of South Africa. The reverse shows the image of a ‘pronking’ springbok, the countries national animal. The total weight of this set is 62.76 grams, equating to a gold fine weight of 57.55 grams. The coins are offered in their original presentation box, sealed in capsules. Also included, a numbered certificate of authenticity.
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Limited edition Edward VII four coin 2006 proof Krugerrand set.

South African Krugerrands

The name Krugerrand combines the official currency of South Africa - the Rand - with the name of influential South African statesman, Paul Kruger, who appears on the obverse side of these coins.

These 22 carat gold coins were introduced in 1967 using metal processed by the Rand Refinery, struck by the South African Mint. They proved an enormous success, accounting for more than 90% of the global bullion market by 1980 and inspiring similar bullion coins from countries around the world.

Today, Krugerrands are available in other metals, a range of fractional weights and with a collectible proof finish. These coins, however, maintain the specifications set down more than 50 years ago, including the distinctive springbok reverse, celebrating South Africa’s national animal.

2006 Proof Krugerrands

Edward VII plays an interesting role in the history of South Africa and this coin set commemorates this. In 1902 the end of the Boer War, the independent South African Republic was annexed into the British Empire, becoming the Transvaal Colony with Edward as monarch, later Governor General until his death in 1910.

This four coin set contains:

  • A 2006 Gold Proof 1 Ounce Krugerrand
  • A 2006 Gold Proof Half Ounce Krugerrand
  • A 2006 Gold Proof Quarter Ounce Krugerrand
  • And a 2006 Gold Proof Tenth Ounce Krugerrand

Also included is a rectangular silver medallion with a portrait of king Edward VII.

Four Coin Commemorative Set

All the coins in this set are composed of 91.67% gold and finished to proof standard - as indicated by the additional edge serrations, compared to their bullion equivalents, and the higher level of detail apparent in the designs.

The total weight of the coins in this collection is 62.78 grams, equating to 57.55 grams of fine gold.

The four coins in this set are presented in individual sealed capsules, preserving their finish. These and the silver medal are enclosed in a bespoke wooden, velvet lined box with a numbered certificate of authenticity which lists the specifications of each piece.


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