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1915 George V Sovereign London

1915 George V Sovereign London Reverse

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Buy a 1915 George V Sovereign London

(VAT Exempt)
Struck in London during the First World War, this 22 carat gold coin is among the last British Sovereigns issued for circulation. As hostilities escalated in Europe, the Bank of England sort to shore up its metal reserves and the British began to discourage payment in gold. Sovereigns continued to be minted in London until 1917 but with demand down the number struck was limited. Many Sovereigns from this period were retained as part of the nation’s gold reserves or paid to the United States to settle war debts. This 1915 coin is one of 20,295,280 issued in this year and shows Sir Edgar Bertram Mackennal’s portrait of George V to the obverse. The effigy by the Australian sculptor was used throughout King George’s reign (1910-1936). The reverse shows the instantly recognisable image of England’s patron saint, St George, in the act of slaying a dragon. The date appears beneath his horses hooves, alongside the initials of the artist: ‘B. P.’ For Benedetto Pistrucci. Like all ‘full’ gold Sovereigns, this 1915 example is composed of 7.98 grams of 22 carat (91.67% pure) gold, equating to an actual gold weight of 7.32 grams or 0.2354 troy ounces. VAT and Capital Gains Tax exempt. Diameter: 22.05 millimetres. Edge: milled. Grade: EF - Excellent details but the usual very minor contact marks for gold: Extremely Fine. References: S 3996, M 217.
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Uncrowned, left facing portrait of King George V by Bertram Mackennal. Legend: 'GEORGIVS V D. G. BRITT : OMN : REX F. D. IND: IMP:'.


St George on horseback, armed with a sword aimed at a dragon under hoof, engraved by Benedetto Pistrucci. Date (1915) in exergue below dragon. No mintmark on ground.


22 carat gold coin. Weight: 7.98 grams. Diameter: 22.05 millimetres.


EF - Excellent details but the usual very minor contact marks for gold: Extremely Fine.


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