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1863 London Mint Gold Full Sovereign Queen Victoria Coin With Die Number

1863 Queen Victoria Gold Full Sovereign London Mint Young Head Shield Back Coin With Die Number Obverse

Buy a 1863 London Mint Gold Full Sovereign Queen Victoria Coin With Die Number

(VAT Exempt)
Victorian 'full' Sovereign dated 1863 with die number to reverse. Die numbers confirmed as in used in this year run from 1 to 24. Sovereigns without die numbers were also issued in this year and we offer these coins separately. You can find the die number on the reverse of these coins, just below the ribbon which secures the laurel branches and above the tiny national flower emblems which populate the base of the coin. The obverse shows the second, larger 'Young Head' portrait of Queen Victoria, facing left. This effigy is the work of William Wyon who served as Chief Engraver to The Royal Mint. The date - 1863 - appears below the portrait. Gold Sovereigns were also struck at the Sydney Mint in 1863 though these coins feature a distinct, Australia-only design. All 'full' Sovereigns struck in this year are composed on 7.98 grams of 22-carat gold with a diameter of 22.05 millimetres. The images shown on this page are stock photos. The die number is shown to the reverse to illustrate the appearance of these 1863 Sovereigns. You may receive a coin with any known die number, depending on availability. You may also note minor variations to other design details as well as differences in the grade and wear pattern. Total annual mintage of 1863 Sovereigns: 5,921,669. References: S 3853, Marsh 48. Minimum grade: VF (Very Fine) or better.
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Type IB (die numbered) gold Sovereign of Queen Victoria, dated 1863 (S 3853, Marsh 48).

1863 Gold Sovereign Obverse

William Wyon's Young Head portrait of Queen Victoria, uncrowned and facing left. Wyon was Chief Engraver to the Royal Mint when this portrait was designed, shortly after Victoria's accession to the throne. The legend reads 'VICTORIA DEI GRATIA' with the date - 1863 - below.

Reverse Of 1863 Type IB Sovereign

Type IB Sovereigns feature a tiny die number to the reverse with 1863-dated examples showing numbers 1-24 according to Marsh. The die number appears at the base of the coin, below the central motif which centres on a shield of royal arms, surmounted by a crown and surrounded by laurel branches. Legend: 'BRITANNIARUM REGINA FID: DEF:'. Engraver: Jean Baptiste Merlen.

1863 Queen Victoria Sovereign Specifications

Gold Sovereigns struck in Sydney and London in 1863 conform to the same historic specification though there are significant differences in the design. Each is struck in 7.98 grams of 91.67% gold. This equates to an actual gold weight of 7.31 grams (0.2354 troy ounces). Diameter: 22.05 millimetres. Edge: milled. Finish: circulated.

Buy High-Grade Victorian Gold Sovereigns

These Victorian shield-back Sovereigns are graded Very Fine or better. Very Fine or 'VF' coins show minimal signs that they once circulated but will show limited wear to the high points and details of the design. The images on this page are stock photos but provide a good representation of the grade and type of coin you will receive.


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