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1625 King Charles I Hammered Gold Unite Lis

1625 Charles I Hammered Gold Unite MM Lis Obverse

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Buy a 1625 King Charles I Hammered Gold Unite Lis

A collectable gold Unite of king Charles the first with a Lis mint mark, indicating that this piece was struck at the Tower Mint in London in the first year of Charles’ turbulent rule. Just before his coronation in the summer of 1625 Charles had contracted a marriage to a Catholic princess, so things were already off to a rough start. The obverse of this piece features the first bust of the king, facing left, dressed in his coronation robes. ‘XX’ appears behind his head, denoting the 20 shilling value of this large gold coin. The reverse shows an ornate shield of royal arms, topped with a crown that extends to the very edge of this piece. It cuts through a beaded circle and the Latin legend which translates as ‘through concord kingdoms flourish’. It’s a fascinating choice of adage in the context of Charles’ reign though this coin was minted well before the outbreak of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. An attractive piece with an interesting story: a great addition to a serious collection. North 2146, Spink 2685.
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Group A, first bust: identified by double-arched crown and decorative coronation robes. The king faces left, 'XX' in the space behind his head, all inside a double circle, the outer beaded. Legend, proceeded by Lis mint mark, reads: 'CAROLVS D: G: MAG: BRI FR: ET HI: REX ·'.


Crown type 1, extending to the outer edge. Type 2 shield of royal arms, ornate within linear and beaded border. Legend: 'FLORENT CONCORDIA REGNA'. Mint mark: Lis.


VF - Good full flan with strongly struck legends and details, no real issues Very Fine.

What Are Gold Unites?

Unites were a large English gold coin, first issued in the reign of King James I (ruled 1603 to 1625). Their name speaks to the union of the crowns, brought by James’ accession to the English throne, and his unsuccessful plans to unite the legislatures of his two kingdoms. Initially these coins were valued at 20 Shillings but the value was later increased to 22 Shillings. Unites were minted as part of James’ second coinage (1604-1619) and were reintroduced during the reign of his son, King Charles I. Charles’ Unites were minted at the Tower but also - rarely - by provincial Civil War mints. Production continued during the interregnum period and after the restoration of Charles II. They ceased to be minted as machine milling became standard, replaced with the gold Guinea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unites were large hammered gold coins first issued in the reign of James I, named for his plans to unite England and Scotland.


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