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1621-1625 James I Gold Half Laurel London MM Thistle

1621-1625 James I Gold Half Laurel London MM Thistle Obverse

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A collectable James the first Half Laurel: a short-lived denomination, only struck between 1619 and 1625: the years of James’ third and final coinage. The thistle mint mark narrows down the date further to between 1621 and the end of his reign and tells us that this piece was struck at the Tower mint in London. The obverse features the fourth laureate bust, the ties of the wreath dangling at the back of James’ neck next to an ‘X’ indicating the coins’ value: 10 Shillings. Full Laurels - similarly short-lived - were worth 20 Shillings. The reverse shows a square-topped shield of royal arms, quartered by a fourchee long cross. The crown atop the shield cuts the legend which, translated, reads ‘Henry united the Roses, James the Kingdoms’. James’ accession in 1603 marked the union of the Scottish and English crowns though Scotland and England remained separate sovereign states. An excellent addition to any collection.
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Third issue. Large laureate fourth type bust, facing left with mark of value behind ('X') all within beaded circle. Mint mark: Thistle. Legend around: 'JACOBVS D : G : MAG : BRI : FRA : ET HIB : REX.'.


Crowned square topped shield of royal arms, quartered by cross with decorative terminals breaking beaded circle. Legend around: 'HENRICVS ROSAS REGNA JACOBVS'. Thistle mint mark appears before JACOBVS.


VF/AEF - Good flan with strong details all round, the finest of hairline cracks across bust, hardly detracts: Very Fine, reverse better.


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