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2024 UK Proof Thirteen Coin Annual Set

D24COLL 2024 UK Proof Thirteen Coin Annual Set Boxed
Thirteen-coin proof set for 2024 from The Royal Mint featuring new UK commemorative and definitive proof coins. 7,500 sets have been authorised for this limited edition presentation and they are selling out fast. You will receive your 2024 proof set in it is original presentation packaging with an information booklet and a numbered certificate of authenticity enclosed. This set includes five new commemorative coins for 2024: a Buckingham Palace £5, a Winston Churchill £2, a National Gallery £2, an RNLI 50p and a Team GB 50p. These are accompanied by eight definitive coins from a £2 coin to a Penny. These coins feature the new circulation designs unveiled by The Royal Mint in 2023 and approved by His Majesty the King. Charles III features on the obverse of all thirteen coins in this set in an uncrowned portrait by Martin Jennings. Also included is an exclusive base-metal medal, only found in 2024 UK proof sets. The coins in this set are composed of cupronickel, nickel-brass and plated steel and are the same size and weight as coins found in your change. The difference is the fine proof finish, achieved via a labour-intensive minting process which means only a small number of coins of this kind can be produced. Secure your 2024 Royal Mint UK proof set now while stocks last.
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Royal Mint UK Proof Annual Set with thirteen commemorative and definitive 2024 coins.

Coins Included In 2024 UK Proof Annual Set

  • 2024 Buckingham Palace £5 Proof
  • 2024 Churchill £2 Proof
  • 2024 National Gallery £2 Proof
  • 2024 RNLI 50p Proof
  • 2024 Team GB 50p Proof
  • 2024 Definitive £2 Proof
  • 2024 Definitive £1 Proof
  • 2024 Definitive 50p Proof
  • 2024 Definitive 20p Proof
  • 2024 Definitive 10p Proof
  • 2024 Definitive 5p Proof
  • 2024 Definitive 2p Proof
  • 2024 Definitive 1p Proof
  • 2024 Proof Medal

Specifications For Coins In 2024 UK Proof Sets

The coins included in 2024 UK proof sets are made from the same metals as the coins in your change including cupronickel and plated steel. They are also the same size and weight but boast a fine proof finish. Each of the 13 coins features Martin Jennings' portrait of King Charles III on the obverse.

Packaging For 2024 Royal Mint Proof Coin Set

This proof coin set is from a limited edition presentation of 7,500 sets issued by The Royal Mint in 2024. It's offered in its original presentation packaging with a numbered certificate of authenticity enclosed along with an informative information booklet.


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