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1980 Queen Elizabeth II Royal Maundy Money Silver Four Coin Set In Box

1980 Queen Elizabeth II Royal Maundy Money Silver Four Coin Set In Box

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Buy a 1980 Queen Elizabeth II Royal Maundy Money Silver Four Coin Set In Box

Complete 1980 Queen Elizabeth II Maundy Money set featuring sterling silver Fourpence, Threepence, Twopence and Penny coins. In this year, Her Majesty distributed the Royal Maundy at Worcester Cathedral as part of the annual service. The reigning monarch traditionally distributes Maundy Money to elderly recipients, the value of the coins adding up to their age. Elizabeth II introduced the tradition of holding the ceremony in different diocese across the United Kingdom. The tradition itself is, however, very old, dating back as far at the year 1210. Back then, regular circulation coins would have been used but for the last few centuries Kings and Queens have gifted specially struck .925 sterling silver coins. The composition has remained the same through the debasement of British silver coinage and after decimalisation. The examples in this set feature Mary Gillick's youthful first definitive portrait of Queen Elizabeth wearing a wreath of laurels. The reverses show the classic crowned numeral design, created in 1822 by Jean Baptiste Merlen. You'll receive these 1980 Maundy Money coins in a Royal Mint presentation box with 'MAUNDY MONEY' and the royal arms on the lid in gold and the Royal Mint's logo to the interior. Grade: see photos.
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Coins in 1980 Elizabeth II Maundy Money Set

  • 1980 Queen Elizabeth II Maundy Silver Fourpence
  • 1980 Queen Elizabeth II Maundy Silver Threepence
  • 1980 Queen Elizabeth II Maundy Silver Twopence
  • 1980 Queen Elizabeth II Maundy Silver Penny


Four .925 sterling silver UK coins, struck to standard specifications, established in 1816. Fourpence: 1.89 grams, 17.63 millimetres diameter. Threepence: 1.41 grams, 16.26 millimetres. Twopence: 0.94 grams, 13.44 millimetres. Penny: 0.47 grams, 11.15 millimetres.


Four uncirculated .925 sterling silver UK Maundy Money coins, struck to standard specifications by The Royal Mint. Offered in presentation box from the UK's national mint.


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