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Bulk 1kg Mixed Date Unsorted 1920-1947 50% British Silver Bullion Coins Kiloware (Best Value)

1 Kilo Mixed Pre-1947 British Silver Coins Bullion Kiloware

Buy a Bulk 1kg Mixed Date Unsorted 1920-1947 50% British Silver Bullion Coins Kiloware (Best Value)

One kilogram of pre-decimal silver coins, minted between 1920 and 1947. British silver coinage struck in this period continued 50% pure silver. This means a kilo of pre-1947 silver coins contains 500 grams of pure silver. These packs contain a mix of Crowns, Halfcrown, Florins, Shillings, Sixpences and Threepence pieces from the reigns of King George V and King George VI. You’ll receive a range of dates and denominations in Fair to Extremely Fine condition. This is an economical way to invest in silver. The VAT Margin Scheme allows us to offer you an excellent price for this pre-owned, historic silver coinage.
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One kilogram of UK silver coins, struck between 1920 and 1947 at our best price.

50% Silver Content

In the past, the silver coins in your change were really made of silver.

In 1920 the silver content of British coins was set at 50%. Their composition remained the same for the next 27 years with the remaining weight composed of manganese. These years encompassed the latter half of king George V’s reign and the first decade of the reign of George VI, the father of the current UK monarch, Elizabeth II.

In 1947, silver was entirely removed from British circulating coinage. Though some modern coins look like silver, they are actually made of cupronickel.

Investing In Pre-Decimal Coins

Coins struck between 1920 and 1947 are not legal tender any more but remain valuable because of their high silver content.

Silver is a great long-term investment with a lower entry point than gold. Market fluctuations can be dramatic but silver is a great addition to a diverse precious metals portfolio.

These pre-1947 kilogram packs are our best value option for buying silver. We're able to offer such a good price because these second-hand, non-legal tender coins are subject to the VAT Margin Scheme meaning the only VAT you pay is already included in the small margin we charge.

What You’ll Receive

We test and pre-sort the coins that go into our silver kiloware bundles to make sure you’re getting exactly 500 grams of silver across a range of British coins.

You can expect to find a range of Crowns, Halfcrown, Florins, Shillings, Sixpences and Thrupenny bits, dated 1920 to 1947. These mixed silver coins will be graded between Fair and Extremely Fine. While they are fun to sort through, don’t expect to find any numismatic treasures. 

As these silver packs are sold by weight you might find you receive more coins of one denomination or from a particular year rather than an even spread. If you're looking for particular types then browse our Silver Coins or Contact us for more information.


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