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925 Sterling Silver Proof World Crown Sized Coins (Best Value)

925 Sterling Silver Proof World Crown Sized Coins (Best Value) PIle

Buy a 925 Sterling Silver Proof World Crown Sized Coins (Best Value)

Buy best value .925 sterling silver Crown-sized coins from around the world with low premiums over the intrinsic value of the precious metal. These coins make are an interesting option for those looking to invest in silver. Commemorative silver Crowns are struck by The Royal Mint as well as a range of private mints for Commonwealth nations and British Overseas Territories, often for royal occasions like jubilees and weddings. These collectable coins might also feature national symbols or events associated with their country of origin. We call these coins Crown-sized because they have a minimum weight of 28.28 grams (the same as a UK Crown coin) and measure around 38 millimetres in diameter. The size might vary slightly as will the denomination but what we're offering here are pre-owned modern coins containing a minimum of 0.84 troy ounces of pure silver. Most are struck to proof standard and supplied in a capsule but others might feature different packaging, depending on our current stock. These 925 silverr coins might show milkspots, clouding or toning and this is reflected in our price. We can't offer specific countries, dates or designs though you could receive Crown-sized coins from the likes of the Cayman Islands, St Helena, Gibraltar, Jamaica, Samoa and Guernsey. The price shown above is for one coin with free UK delivery though ordering more nets you a discount.
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Designs vary but these Crown-sized coins will usually feature a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, either the official UK coin effigies or a Commonwealth alternate design.


Crown-sized coins are struck with a range of collectable designs including location-specific themes like wildlife and architecture as well as engravings to celebrate national events like royal weddings and jubilees. 


These .925 sterling silver coins have a minimum weight of 28.28 grams and contain a minimum of 0.84 troy ounces of pure silver. The exact total weight and the diameter may vary but these pieces generally conform to the specifications of UK £5 / Five Pound coins. Face value: varies. Finish: proof or other non-circulating striking standard.


No presentation packaging like boxes or sleeves are included with these sterling silver coins. They may be pacaked in a clear capsule or sleeve depending on out current stock. Mixed dates, designs and countries will be provided as available.

What Are Crown-Sized Silver Coins?

Silver Crown coins were first struck in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, joining a number of similarly sized silver coins then in circulation across Europe. These large coins, measuring about 38.00 millimetres in diameter, were part of circulating coinage until the nineteenth century.

By the early twentieth century the Crown was transitioning into its modern role as a purely commemorative coin, struck to mark a new monarch's coronation but otherwise rarely. New Crowns were issued to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and later the death of Sir Winston Churchill with issues continuing after Decimal Day, denominated at 25p. Modern collectable Crowns issued by the UK's Royal Mint have a face value of Five Pounds but maintain similar specifications to the older coin.

Other nations also continue to issue Crown-sized coins. These might be issued in the name of British Overseas Territories like Bermuda, the Falkland Islands and Tristan da Cuhna but they are often produced by The Royal Mint or other UK-based private mints for the domestic collectors market. Similar-sized coins are also issued by Commonwealth nations like Barbados, Malta and Tuvalu.

Best Value Silver Crown Specifications

These Crown-sized world coins are struck in .925 sterling silver. That means that these coins contain 92.5% pure silver with the rest of the weight made up by other metals like copper. 

Each piece has a minimum total weight of 28.28 grams and contains no less than 0.84 troy ounces of pure silver.

You'll find that most of these coins measure around 38 millimetres in diameter though some may be marginally larger.

The denomination will vary depending on the country of origin. British Overseas Territories utilise the Pound and often denominate their large silver coins at 25p but you may also find $10 and $25 dollar coins in your order.

Since most of the nations that produce Crown-sized coins have the current UK monarch as the head of state you'll likely find a royal portrait on the obverse. These pieces will feature Queen Elizabeth II until a sufficient number of similar Crown coins featuring King Charles III have been struck. Reverses vary widely depending on the issuing country.

Our world silver Crowns mostly boast a proof finish though we cannot guarantee the condition. These investment coins may be impacted by toning, clouding and milk spots and come without any additional presentation packaging.

Why Invest In Silver Proof World Crowns?

There are a few great reasons to invest in silver Crown coins from around the world:

  • Low premiums over the spot price of silver
  • Guaranteed 0.84 troy ounces actual silver weight
  • Collectable designs from around the world
  • Add international interest to your stack
  • Get discounts when you buy more of these coins

While silver is used to make coins and jewellery the precious metal also has many technical, industrial and medical uses. These properties mean that the price of silver can be linked to economic output. The lower entry price when compared to gold can make silver an accessible and appealing option for the clever investor with low premium coins a great way to build your portfolio.


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