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BC 420-375 Achaemenid Gold Daric Type IIIb C

A78-BC 420-375 Gold Daric Type IIIb C Obverse

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A rare and very early gold coin from the Achaemenid Empire, dated between 420 and 375 BC. First minted in the reign of Darius I (521 to 486 BC), Darics bear the image of a king or warrior, armed with a bow and arrow. On this example - a Carradice Type IIIb Group C - the kneeling or running figure also holds a lance in his right hand. This variation was struck was though the reigns of Darius II and Artaxerxes II Mnemon. The reverse shows an incuse rectangle shaped punch. Darics were a high purity gold coin, used across the vast First Persian Empire until its conquest by Alexander the Great in 330 BC. They were used in conjunction with a similar silver coin: the Siglos. Twenty Sigloi exchanged for one Daric. One of the world's first gold coins: a remarkable and attractive piece.
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Kneeling or running figure, holding a bow in left hand and a spear in the other. The broad, semicircular folds of the king or warrior's clothing identifies this obverse as a Carradice Type IIIb Group C.


Rectangular incuse punch.


F - Good shaped flan and clear details for around Fine.


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