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98-117 AD Trajan Gold Aureus Germania

AD 98-117 Trajan Aureus Germania Obverse

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List Price: £2,750.00
A highly collectable gold Aureus of the Emperor Trajan, struck at the mint of Rome around AD 100. The reverse features the laureate head of Trajan, facing right, with the reverse showing a seated female figure, holding a branch. This is identified as Germania, the shields she sits on said to reflect supremacy over Germania Superior, an imperial province that Trajan ruled over as governor before his accession as emperor. We might also identify the figure as Pax (the Roman personification of Peace). Trajan is remembered a very successful soldier-emperor, expanding Roman territories to their maximum extent during his rule which became known as an era of peace and prosperity.
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Laureate head of the Emperor Trajan facing right, legend around reads 'IMP CAES NERVA TRAIAN AVG GERM'.


Germania or Pax sitting facing left holding an olive branch in her right hand and her left elbow resting on a shield and arms, legend around 'PM TRP COS III PP'.


GVF/GF - Good flan with a bold obverse strike, reverse a little weaker for Good Very Fine. Reverse Fine or better.


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