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64-65 AD Nero Gold Aureus Germanicus

AD 64-65 Nero Aureus Germanicus Obverse

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A very collectable gold Aureus of the Emperor Nero, struck at the mint of Rome in the year AD 64 or AD 65. The obverse features the instantly recognisable laureate head of the emperor facing right, with the reverse showing a figure standing wearing a toga and holding branch of victory. The reverse inscription includes part of the emperor’s regnal name: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. Nero was the fifth Roman emperor and ruled from AD 54 to AD 68. His infamous reign was associated with extravagance and debauchery. This economically priced coin is an opportunity to own a fascinating bit of history.
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Laureate head of the Emperor Nero facing right, legend around reads 'NERO CAESAR'.


Standing figure, with left knee slightly bent, wearing radiate crown and toga, holding victory branch. Legend around is 'AVGVSTVS GERMANICVS'.


AF - Small area of the edge above the head has a flat spot, possibility previously mounted and polished, obverse slight off strike otherwise About Fine.


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