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41-54 AD Claudius Gold Aureus Agrippina

41-54 AD Claudius Gold Aureus Agrippina Obverse

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A rare and collectible Gold Aureus of the Emperor Claudius with appealing head to both sides. Believed to be struck at the mint of Lugdunum (modern day Lyon) around AD 50-51. The obverse features the laureate head of the Emperor Claudius, facing right. He ruled AD 41-55. The reverse showing a draped bust of Agrippina the Younger, also facing right and wearing a diadem. The double portraits reflect Agrippina’s role as de-facto co-ruler of the Roman Empire. She was the first Roman empress to appear on coinage during her lifetime. Ancient historians accuse Agrippina of poisoning her husband to allow her son, Nero, to take the throne which he did in AD 54. This Aureus represents a fascinating period of Roman history and will make an excellent addition to any collection.
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Laureate head of Emperor Claudius, facing right. Legend around reads (left to right): 'TI CLAVD CAESAR AVG GERM P M TRIB POT P P'.


Draped bust of Agrippina the Younger, facing right, wearing a diadem. Legend around reads 'AGRIPPINAE AVGUSTAE'.


GVF - Good flan with a bold strike reverse slightly off struck: Good Very Fine.


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