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14-37 AD Tiberius Gold Aureus Lugdunum

AD 14-37 Tiberius Gold Aureus Lugdunum Reverse

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A highly collectable Gold Aureus of the Roman Emperor Tiberius, stuck at the Lugdunum Mint in modern day Lyon between the years AD 14 to AD 37. The obverse features the laureate head of the emperor facing right. The reverse is understood to show Livia as Pax (Peace) though there is some scholarly debate as to the identification. She is seated on a chair with decoratively turned legs, holding a sceptre and branch in her left hand. The legend around ('Pontifex Maximus') alludes to Tiberius' status as chief high priest of the College of Pontiffs in ancient Rome. One Gold Aureus was worth 25 Silver Denarii. The Aureus was minted from the 1st century BC through to the start of the 4th century AD.
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Laureate head of Tiberius, facing right. Legend around (read right to left) 'TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGUSTAS'.


Livia as Pax, seated on chair with decorative turned legs holding a sceptre and branch. Legend around (read right to left) reads 'PONTIF MAXIM'.


VF - Very Fine with a good flan, very slightly off struck.


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