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AD 136 Hadrian AR Denarius ASIA

AD 136 Hadrian AR.Denarius ASIA

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A collectable and scarcer silver Denarius of Hadrian, struck in Rome around AD 136.
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The coin features Asia standing holding a globe and a rudder and displays the laureate head of Hadrian to the obverse. Hadrian one of the best known historical figures and famous for his monumental achievement of the building his wall from the Tyne to Solway in the north of England. He was also one of the most dedicated and capable emperors of the empire, dedicating his whole life to the improvement of the state, being known to be fair and humane along with a strong interest in the arts.


Laureate head of Hadrian right. HADRIANVS AVG COS III PP.


Asia standing left holding a globe and a rudder. ASIA