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641-668 Byzantine Empire Constantinople Constans II Gold Solidus

641-668 Constans II Gold Solidus Byzantine Constantinople Obverse

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A collectable gold Solidus of the Byzantine ruler Constans II, stuck at the mint of Constantinople between the years 641 and 668. Constans II - nicknamed ‘the Bearded’ - ruled the Byzantine Empire between these years, jointly for some periods. The obverse features the crowned facing bust of the emperor with a short beard holding globus cruciger: an orb surmounted by a cross, a Christian symbol of authority. The reverse shows the cross potent on a three stepped plinth with an ’S’ in the right field and a ‘B’ officinae letter at the end of the legend. An eye catching high grade gold coin at an economical price. Sear 947.
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2nd officina. Crowned facing draped bust with short beard holding globus cruciger, 'S' in the right field, legend around: 'D N CONSTANTINUS PP AVG'.


Cross potent on three step plinth, 'CONOB' in exergue below, and legend around: 'VICTORIA AVGU' with 'B' officinae at the end.


EF - Obverse crisply struck slightly off centre, very crisp obverse details: Extremely Fine.


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