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600-700 Merovingian Tremissis Quentovic Dutta

600-700 Merovingian Tremissis Quentovic Dutta Obverse

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Rare and stunning seventh century Merovingian Quentovic Tremissis or Tremis. Obverse: stylised diademed bust, facing right. Around: ‘+VVICCO FIT’. Reverse: simple cross on three step plinth. Legend - ‘DVTTA MONET’ attributes this to the moneyer Dutta. Quentovic was a Frankish trading settlement, located close to the English Channel. The location of the emporium is now uncertain but it is known through documentary and numismatic evidence, the latter minted by the Merovingian and later Carolingian dynasties. This coin struck in 1.28 grams of gold, with a diameter of approximately 14.3 millimetres. Grade: Good Very Fine - Strong strike on good flan with no issued for Good Very Fine. Belfort 4960, Prou 1125.
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Stylised diademed bust, facing right. Legend around: '+VVICCO FIT'.


Cross on three step plint with legend - 'DVTTA MONET' - indentifying the moneyer as Dutta.


GVF - Strong strike on good flan with no issued for Good Very Fine.


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