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44-42 BC Gold Stater Koson Thrace

44-42 BC Gold Stater Koson Thrace Obverse

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Rare and fascinating Greek gold Stater struck in the mid first century BC. The obverse shows four robed figures, walking left, two holding spears across their shoulders. The word ‘KOΣΩN’ appears below. There are multiple theories on the origin of these coins. Either Koson is an unrecorded Thracian king who imitated contemporary Roman coinage or these Staters were struck in Thrace in the name of Marcus Junius Brutus whose monogram is claimed to be the symbol that appears before the walking figures. The reverse shows an eagle, its wings spread, holding a wreath in one set of talons and standing on a sceptre. Weight: 8.38 grams. Approximate diameter: 19.3 millimetres. Grade: Previously graded by ICG as MS-62, removed from its holder. Roman Provincial Coinage 1701.
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Consul accompanied by two attendants either side, carrying weapons over their shoulders. All advancing left. Monogram in front, 'KOΣΩN' in exergue.


Eagle, wings spread, right foot raised with wreath in talons, other holding a sceptre. Pellet below, all within beaded circle.


Previously graded MS-62 by Independent Coin Graders.  Reference: 376790234. Removed from holder, supplied raw.


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