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1kg Gold Bullion Bar : Pre-Owned (Best Value)

1kg .9999 Gold Bullion Bar

Buy a 1kg Gold Bullion Bar : Pre-Owned (Best Value)

(VAT Exempt)
These best value gold 1 kg bars are offered at an extremely low premium over the current spot price. Gold kilo bars are internationally recognised, being popular with both individual investors and large financial institutions. These bars are pre-owned, which is the perfect choice for investors looking for gold bullion at the lowest possible margins. Each bar has been examined by our team of experts on site to ascertain its authenticity and is allocated to each order on a random basis from our current stock. Every bar is stamped with the brand, fineness, weight and unique serial number. Although the refinery varies, the fineness of each bar will be at least 0.999 (24 carat) and will contain exactly 32.1507 troy ounces of pure gold. Dimension specifications for each brand are slightly different, but generally speaking each pre-owned gold kilo bar we issue will be approximately the same width as a typical bank card found in your wallet, but about 30.00 millimetres longer. If this product is showing as unavailable, you can sign up to our handy 'Track Product' facility so notifications can be sent directly to you when they're back in stock again. UK tax law currently exempts investment gold from value added tax, which means these one kilogram gold bars are VAT-free. Order from The Britannia Coin Company and get free delivery to UK addresses.
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Cheap gold kilo bars available at very low premiums from The Britannia Coin Company of Royal Wootton Bassett.

Buy A Gold Kilo Bar

Kilo gold bars can be a great investment for those looking to diversify their portfolio or add to their precious metal stack. Each bar contains roughly 32.1507 troy ounces of pure gold, struck in at least 0.999 fineness (24 carat).

The dimensions of a typical gold kilogram bar will vary depending on the refinery, with an approximate length and width being around 118.00 mm x 53.00 mm respectively. This is comparable to a credit card found in your wallet but about 35.00 mm longer. They're usually around 8.00 mm thick, but some can be larger than that.

Brand Our choice of refiner
Dimensions Varies
Weight 1000 grams
Gold Content 32.1507 troy ounces
Fineness 0.999+
Our Price £60,337.80

Nearly all gold bars come in square and rectangular shapes, which makes the storage of them comparatively simple. They fit neatly inside a safe deposit box or a home safe. You can even sneak them away under the floorboards in your house!

Best Value Gold Bars

These investment gold bars are offered loose, without any outer packaging. Large bullion bars such as these 1 kg gold bars are typically found in a 'cast' form. Although it's possible to find some in a 'minted' form, they tend to be quite rare. The Britannia Coin Company doesn't differentiate between the two types as they both contain exactly the same amount of gold.

'The brand and style of your gold bar can vary as it's allocated on a random basis from the stock we currently have. This allows us to offer them at very competitive premiums.'

Each pre-owned gold bar we have has been thoroughly tested by our in-house team of experts. We possess the latest XRF technology on site to check the composition of each bar in our inventory, ensuring you get a genuine, correct-weight gold bar every time. You can read more about our XRF machine on our sister website, Gold Traders.

Are Gold Bars a Good Buy?

Gold bars can be a great addition to any investment portfolio! Purchasing gold kilo bars is a popular way to acquire the precious metal and there's a very liquid market in them worldwide. We've outlined some reasons why you should consider buying them:

  • VAT Free - all investment gold bars sold by the Britannia Coin Company are exempt from VAT
  • Internationally Recognised - Any reputable bullion dealer worldwide will recognise a genuine gold 1 kg bar, making it easy to liquidate in the future
  • Store of Value - gold is regarded as an inflation hedge, which has protected wealth over time
  • Low Premiums - 1 kg gold bars are sold at a low premium above the live spot price, and are typically cheaper in terms of price per ounce than gold coins
  • Authenticity - all of our gold 1 kg bars are stamped with the refiner's logo alongside a unique serial number
  • Security - all of our bars come from reputable refiners, and we meticulously test each bar we receive to make sure it's genuine
  • Is It Best to Buy Gold Bars or Coins?

We can't give financial advice here at the Britannia Coin Company, but we have gathered a significant amount of knowledge from the years we have been in business, so we feel we can provide useful information for investing in gold for the interested layperson.

For investment purposes, it's prudent to purchase gold at the lowest possible margin over the live spot price. Some gold stackers are only interested in looking for the cheapest premiums when investing in gold, irrespective of design or shape. In percentage premium terms, this is usually, but not always, found on larger gold bullion bars. 

'So if you're looking for cheap gold, then our pre-owned 1 kg gold bullion bars are an ideal starting point.'

Other considerations which you should keep in mind are capital gains tax implications and the ability to liquidate part of your gold portfolio. You can read more about this in-depth in our Buying Gold Bars vs Gold Coins article.

If these considerations are of no concern to you, then the extremely low premiums offered on these pre-owned 1 kilo gold bars can make them a very attractive investment option.

Should I Buy Pre-Owned Gold?

Pre-owned gold bars are an excellent choice if you're looking for the cheapest premiums on gold bullion. 

'We acquire these bars from the secondary market, which allows us to offer them at extremely low premiums.'

They're sold purely for their precious metal content, irrespective of refinery. Some bars may have very slight blemishes, which is to be expected with second-hand bullion bars, however we guarantee that all these bars will contain exactly one kilogram of pure gold.

What Is A Good Gold Brand?

All the pre-owned gold bars we offer for sale come from highly regarded and reputable precious metal refineries. These are a few examples, to name but a few:

  • Metalor
  • PAMP Suisse
  • Royal Mint Refinery
  • Umicore
  • Heraeus
  • Baird & Co

What is perceived as a 'good gold brand' is up to the subjective opinion of each investor. But all proper investment gold bullion bars should be stamped with the weight, purity and refinery, alongside a unique serial number.

VAT Free Gold Bars

A great reason to purchase investment gold bars is the fact that the precious metal has VAT-free status. Investment gold has been exempt from VAT in the United Kingdom and the European Union since the 1st January, 2000. Unfortunately the sale of physical silver, platinum and palladium products are still liable for VAT at the standard rate in the UK.

All gold bullion bars sold by The Britannia Coin Company meet this definition, meaning HMRC will treat them as VAT-exempt, therefore allowing you to buy gold tax free.


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