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1980 Crown Queen Mother 80th Birthday Queen Elizabeth II 25p Coin

1980 Crown Queen Mother 80th Birthday Queen Elizabeth II Coin Reverse

Buy a 1980 Crown Queen Mother 80th Birthday Queen Elizabeth II 25p Coin

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother's 80th birthday Crown coin, issued by The Royal Mint in 1980. These official UK coins show a tiny portrait of the Queen Mum on the tails side, surrounded by lions and bows. This design by Richard Guyatt is a play on her family name: Bowes Lyon. Elizabeth came to prominence when she married the future King George VI in 1936. Their daughter would become Queen Elizabeth II, whose portrait is shown on the head's side of this coin. These coins are made of a cupronickel alloy, not silver, and are technically worth 25p, though you would struggle to spend them in shops. 9,306,000 Queen Mother coins were produced in 1980, and they are often found in old money boxes, sometimes in square plastic cases. If you need a 1980 Crown coin for your collection, you can trust that ours are fully authenticated, with the price including post and packing to UK addresses.
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Buy an official 1980 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother 25p Crown coin with free postage.

1980 Queen Mother Crown Obverse

Arnold Machin's youthful portrait of Queen Elizabeth II can be seen on the heads side of this coin. This portrait was used on UK money between 1968 and 1984. The writing around the bust reads 'ELIZABETH II D · G · REG · F · D · '.

Reverse Of 1980 Queen Mother Crown

The tails side of this coin has text around the edge that reads 'QUEEN ELIZABETH THE QUEEN MOTHER' with 'AUGUST 4th 1980'. A tiny portrait of the Queen Mother is shown in the middle, surrounded by bows and lions, alluding to her surname: Bowes-Lyon. The design was created by Richard Guyatt.

What Are 1980 Queen Mum Coins Made From?

Most 1980 Queen Mother coins are made from cupronickel, a similar metal alloy to that used for the coins in our change today. Some real 925 sterling silver 1980 Crown coins were produced and these will usually be found in a cream clamshell box with a certificate inside.

Are 1980 Crown Coins Legal Tender?

Technically, UK Crown coins dated between 1818 and 1981 have a face value of 25p, though they may be worth more to collectors. The price of our 1980 Queen Mother Crown coins includes postage and packaging.

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Buying Historic UK Crown Coins

Like many older British coins, these collectable Queen Mum Crowns may show signs of handling or tarnishing. Our expert numismatists carefully select the highest quality examples for you to add to your collection, with each 1980-dated coin carefully authenticated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technically, 1980 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother coins are worth 25p, though you will not find them in your change. Collectors may pay more for these Crown coins to add them to their collections.

The Royal Mint produced a collectable Crown coin in 1980 to celebrate the 80th birthday of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, parent of Queen Elizabeth II. This common cupronickel includes the Queen Mum's birthday: 4 August 1980 on the tails side.

Most August 4th, 1980, Queen Mother coins are not made from silver but cupronickel, the metal alloy used to make most standard coins in your change today. A small number of silver Queen Mum coins were issued, and they are generally found in cream clamshell cases with a clear capsule inside.


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