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1887 Victoria Golden Jubilee Boehm Leighton Large Bronze Medal

1887 Victoria Golden Jubilee Boehm Leighton Large Bronze Medal Obverse

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Large Queen Victoria 1887 Golden Jubilee medal in bronze with portrait by Joseph Edgar Boehm. Obverse: left-facing portrait of Queen Victoria wearing Small Diamond crown and long lace veil over ornate clothing, several decorations including Garter Star and Imperial Order of the Crown of India visible as well as plenty of jewellery. Legend around: ‘VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX’. This portrait bears many similarities to Boehm’s ‘Jubilee Head’ coinage portrait, introduced in the same year, but is more detailed. The artists initials appear on the truncation of the Queen’s shoulder as ‘J.E.B.’. The reverse shows the enthroned and crowned figure of Victoria holding sword and orb. Mercury and Time lounge at her feet while the personifications of Science, Letters, Art, Industry and Agriculture congregate around her, holding relevant implements. Two cherubs appear above with the lettering ‘IN · COMMEMORATION’. Below the figures are shields bearing the words ‘ASIA’, ‘AMERICA’, ‘EUROPE’, ‘AUSTRALASIA’ and ‘AFRICA’, surrounded by laurels. A tiny ‘FL’ to the left of Mercury identifies the artist behind this design as Frederick Leighton, later (and briefly) 1st Baron Leighton, the painter, draughtsman and sculptor. 4,257 of these medals were originally sold for 10 Shillings and Sixpence between 1887 and 1889. Diameter: 77.00 millimetres. Grade: UNC - Light rich brown tone with some mint lustre for around Uncirculated. BHM 3219, Eimer 1733b.
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Left facing portrait of Queen Victoria with long lace veil and Small Diamond Crown, several decorations. Legend around: 'VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX'. Artist: Joesph Edgar Boehm.


Enthroned figure of the Queen attended by gods and goddesses, cherubs above. 'IN · COMMEMORATION'. above. Shields below bearing the words 'ASIA', 'AMERICA', 'EUROPE', 'AUSTRALASIA' and 'AFRICA'. Artist: Frederick Leighton.


UNC - Light rich brown tone with some mint lustre for around Uncirculated. 


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