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1544-1547 Henry VIII Halfgroat Canterbury No Mintmark

1544-1547 Henry VIII Halfgroat Canterbury No Mintmark Obverse

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Canterbury hammered silver Halfgroat of Henry VIII from the Tudor king’s final issue. The obverse of this coin shows the three quarters facing type 1 bust of Henry, crowned and bearded, the tip of his crown breaking through a beaded circle that contains the portrait. No mint mark appears to obverse or reverse but the location of the mint is confirmed by the reverse legend: ‘·CIVI | TAS· | ·CAN | TOR·’. This surrounds a shield of royal arms, quartered by a long cross fourchee within a beaded circle. The ecclesiastical mint in the cathedral city was one of six mints - other than that located at the Tower of London - that operated during Henry’s reign, including Bristol, Dublin and York as well as other London sites at Southwark and Durham House. In this period, the Archbishop of Canterbury - under whose authority the mint of Canterbury operated - was Thomas Cranmer who was installed in 1533. He collaborated closely with Thomas Cromwell to annul Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon, the process of which led to the establishment of the Church of England. He would continue as Archbishop of Canterbury through into the reign of Henry’s son, Edward VI but was Imprisoned and executed after the accession of the Catholic Queen Mary I. Earlier coinage struck at Canterbury while Cranmer was Archbishop display more direct links to him, like his initials, though these traces have been removed from Halfgroats by the time of Henry’s third and final coinage (1544-1547). Coins from this issue are hard to find in good grade thanks to the government ordered debasement policy which reduced the amount of precious metal in the coinage. The Great Debasement as it came to be known resulted in money that degraded fast, a problem that was only fully rectified in the reign of Elizabeth I, Henry’s daughter. Grade: NVF - Good flan and metal with many fine details - near Very Fine for issue. Weight: 1.22 grams, diameter: 18.9 millimetres.
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Three-quarters facing crowned portrait of Henry VIII, bust 1. Legend reads: 'HENRIC 8D'G' AGL'FR'Z H REX'.


Shield of royal arms, quartered by long cross. No mint mark. Legend around: '·CIVI | TAS· | ·CAN | TOR·'.


NVF - Good flan and metal with many fine details - near Very Fine for issue.


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