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1377-1399 Richard II Hammered Gold Quarter Noble Rare Ib/IIIa Mule

1377-1399 Richard II Gold Quarter Noble Rare Ib/IIIa Mule Obverse

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List Price: £1,795.00
A very rare muled gold Quarter Noble of King Richard the Second. A mule is a coin when the obverse die of one class gets struck with a reverse die from another class. In this case the obverse die type Ib (Spink 1673) is paired with reverse type IIIa (Spink 1675). The obverse dies here are notably rusted, indicating that this coin was struck later in Richard’s reign. This side features a central shield of royal arms within a tressure of eight arcs with trefoils at the cusps. The abbreviated Latin legend translates as ‘Richard by the grace of God, king of England’. The reverse shows an ornate cross, its arms terminating in lis with trefoils and lions in the angles. The centre of the cross shows a pellet which identifies the class. This complex design appears within another tressure of arcs, itself within a beaded circle. The reverse legend, translated, reads ‘He should be exhausted in glory’. An exciting opportunity to purchase a rare and numismatically interesting piece of medieval gold. North 1319, Schneider 157.
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Type Ib. Central shield of royal arms within a double-line tressure of eight arcs with trefoils on the cusps all within a beaded circle. Initial mint mark: Cross pattée. Legend: '+ RICARD x DI xx GRA xx REX xx ANG x'.


Type IIIa. Pellet at the centre of a very ornate cross, in the trefoils and lions in the angles, all within double linear tressure of eight arcs within a beaded border. Legend around: '+ EXALABITVR xx IN xx GLORIA'.


VF - Good sized flan with full legends, excellent strike and details from the usual worn obverse dies, otherwise about Very Fine with much appeal.


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