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2012 Britannia Four Coin Silver Proof Set

2012 Britannia Four Coin Silver Proof Set Boxed

Buy a 2012 Britannia Four Coin Silver Proof Set

Four-coin silver proof Britannia sets, issued in 2012 by The Royal Mint. These highly collectable British coin sets feature 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz Britannias, all dated 2012. Like all Britannias issued in this year, the reverses of these coins show Philip Nathan's classic 'standing Britannia' design, along with the date and composition. This motif was used on the first Britannias when this range was introduced by the UK's national mint in 1987. The obverses of all four coins features Ian Rank-Broadley's fourth definitive portrait of Queen Elizabeth II along with the face value, ranging from £2 to 20p. The coins in these 2012 sets are struck in 958 (95.8% pure) silver, as was standard for early silver Britannia issues. The following year (2013) the specification was changed to 999 (99.9%) silver. In total, the four coins in each set offer 57.50 grams of pure silver. Just 2,595 silver Britannia sets were released in this year by The Royal Mint and ours come in their original presentation packing with a certificate of authenticity enclosed. Please note that these sets are pre-owned and the images on this page are stock photographs. The coins in your 2012 Britannia set may display toning which is a natural process that affects many UK silver proof coins.
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Limited edition four-coin 958 silver proof Britannia sets from the UK's national mint, issued in 2012.

Silver Proof 2012 Britannia Set Contents

  • 2012 Britannia 1oz Silver Proof
  • 2012 Britannia 1/2oz Silver Proof
  • 2012 Britannia 1/4oz Silver Proof
  • 2012 Britannia 1/10oz Silver Proof

Amount Of Silver In 4-Coin Britannia Set

Silver Britannia sets struck between 1997 and 2012 feature four coins made from 95.8% silver, also known as Britannia silver. Presented with a proof finish, these four-coin sets offer 57.50 grams of pure silver in total.

Mintage Figure For 2012 Britannia Silver Set

Information provided by The Royal Mint indicated that 2,595 silver proof 4-coin Britannia sets were issued in 2012. Our pre-owned examples are offered in the original presentation packaging which consists of a black box, a certificate of authenticity and individual coin capsules.


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