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AD 641-668 Constans II Gold Solidus

AD 641-668 Constans II Gold Solidus Reverse

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A collectable and fascinating gold Solidus of the Byzantine ruler Constans the Second struck at the Constantinople mint (modern day Istanbul, Turkey) between the years AD 641 and AD 668. The obverse shows the two crowned facing bust of Constans sporting a thin beard made of dots, wearing chlamys and holding a cross on a globe, the reverse shows the cross potent on three steps and an ’S’ in the field. Constans was known for letting Egypt to be lost to the Arabs a big blow to his empire. A very high grade ‘eye catching’ gold coin to add to any collection.
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Crowned facing bust with a slight beard made from dots around the face, wearing chlamys, holding a cross on a globe. D N CONSTANIUS PP AV


Cross potent on plinth of three steps, variant of ’S’ in right field CONOB below for mint Constantinople VICTORIA AVGU