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2023 Tudor Beasts Yale Of Beaufort Two Ounce Silver Proof Coin

UK23TYB2S 2023 Tudor Beasts Yale Of Beaufort Two Ounce Silver Proof Coin Boxed

Buy a 2023 Tudor Beasts Yale Of Beaufort Two Ounce Silver Proof Coin

Buy a limited edition silver-proof 2oz Yale of Beaufort coin from The Royal Mint. This addition to The Tudor Beasts range is one of the last UK coins to feature a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Very few 2023-dated UK coins feature Jody Clark’s fifth and final effigy of Her Majesty. On this commemorative coin the portrait is paired with a design by David Lawrence starring the Yale of Beaufort: a fascinating heraldic creature, associated with the House of Beaufort. Henry VIII claimed his royal lineage from his descent from this noble house whose members included his grandmother, Lady Margaret Beaufort, and John of Gaunt. The yale, a symbol associated with Lady Margaret, is a creature of legend, depicted as a spotted goat or antelope with the tusks of a boar and the tail of a lion. It’s just one of the mythical beasts that guard the gates to Hampton Court Palace from which the Tudor Beasts series takes its inspiration. This proof edition is struck in 62.42 grams of .999 fine silver and comes in its original Royal Mint presentation box with a numbered certificate of authenticity. One of just 1,250 issued and selling fast.
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Silver proof two-ounce 2023 Tudor Beasts coin from The Royal Mint featuring the Yale of Beaufort, as imagined by David Lawrence.


Right-facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark wearing the Diamond Diadem. Legend reads 'ELIZABETH · II · D · G · REG · FID · DEF · FIVE POUNDS ·'.


Mythical horned and spotted yale with shield bearing the arms of Jane Seymour. 'YALE OF BEAUFORT' above with date - 2023 - below. Artist: David Lawrence. 


Proof coin struck in 62.42 grams of 99.9% fine silver. Diameter: 40.00 millimetres. Face value: £5 / Five Pounds. Edge: milled.


One of just 1,250 2oz proof Yale of Beaufort coins issued by The Royal Mint in 2023. Offered in its original presentation packaging with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Coin comes in capsule.

The Royal Tudor Beasts Series

The ten-coin Queen's Beasts series wrapped up in 2021 with a completer coin featuring all the mythological creatures that starred on the sought-after earlier issues. The Royal Mint has now unleashed a new collection of creatures, created in collaboration with Historic Royal Palaces.

The King's Tudor Beasts are inspired by a series of heraldic statues at Hampton Court Palace that represent the lineage of King Henry VIII and his third queen, Jane Seymour. They are symbols of the strength of the Tudor dynasty and, as subjects for coinage, are a clever means of celebrating a fascinating and dramatic period of British history.

The Hampton Court statues include some of the heraldic supporters that feature on the Queen's Beasts coins but there are significant differences. Read more about what makes this new series special on our blog: The Tudor Beasts: Seymour Panther Opens New Royal Mint Series.

The Yale Of The House Of Beaufort

The third release in the Tudor Beasts series features a heraldic creature associated with the House of Beaufort: an English noble family associated with the Lancastrian faction during the Wars of the Roses

Perhaps the most famous members of the family was John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, the third son of King Edward III. Among John of Gaunt's descendants was Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry Tudor who would become Henry VII after his victory at the Battle of Bosworth Field. Henry traced his claim to the throne through Lady Margaret and his House of Beaufort ancestors. 

Lady Margaret used a pair of yales - mythical beasts with body of a goat or antelope, boar tusks and a lions tail - as supporters in her personal coat of arms. Her son and her grandson (Henry VIII) displayed the yale as a testament to their powerful royal lineage. 

Yale Reverse By David Lawrence

The yale that appears on the coins in the Yale of Beaufort collection has the appearance of a spotted goat with curling horns and cloven hooves. The spots are a common feature of medieval heraldic yales and are seen on the beast at Hampton Court Palace. A lion's tail, a chain attached to the Yale's fetlock and a shield bearing the arms of Jane Seymour divided chaussé with three lions and six fleur-de-lys. The words 'YALE OF BEAUFORT' appear above and the date - 2023 - appears below. 

The artist behind this reverse and all those in the Tudor Beasts series is the illustrator and sculptor David Lawrence, also known for his work on Royal Mint Britannias.

Speaking about his designs for the Tudor Beasts series, Lawrence said:

'The Tudors would draw beasts that they had never before seen, basing their interpretations off reports or word-of-mouth. Therefore, these beasts are roughly 70% fictionalised. My aim was to take inspiration from these Tudor-carved beasts and modernise them, without losing their historical or heraldic importance.'

The obverse of Yale of Beaufort coins features Jody Clark's portrait of Her Majesty the Queen with a legend that reads 'ELIZABETH II · D · G · REG · FID · DEF ·' followed by the denomination.

How To Buy A 2023 Yale Of Beaufort Coin?

We're stocking a range of Tudor Beasts coins right now, including key pieces from the Yale of Beaufort collection. All of the Yale of Beaufort coins have been offered in limited numbers so we recommend acting now to secure yours.

Choose between three different editions, available for a limited time: 

All our Yale of Beaufort Tudor Beasts coins come in their original presentation packaging with a detailed information booklet and a numbered certificate of authenticity enclosed. Order now to get yours without the queue.


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