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1847 Victoria 'Gothic' Proof Silver Crown

1847 Gothic Crown Obverse

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A very collectable and sought after 'Gothic' silver proof Crown dated 1847, with the Undecimo edge. This legendary Crown, designed and engraved by William Wyon at the height of his career. The coin displays 'gothic' script writing and the regnal year MDCCCXLVII for 1847 and was solely issued as a proof version. Mintage of only 8,000.
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Large crowned bust of Queen Victoria facing left wearing a dress embroiled with roses shamrocks and thistles.VICTORIA DEI GRATIA BRITANNIAR.REG:F:D.


Crowned cruciform shields, representing 3 lions for England, harp for Ireland and lion rampant for Scotland, in the angles are the flower emblems being rose, thisle and shamrock all in treasure of arcs, Garter star in the centre. TVETUR UNITA DEUS ANNO DOM MDCCXLVII


DECUS ET TUTAMEN ANNO REGNI UNDECIMO with crowns and roses for stops.