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978-1016 Aethelred II Penny Swetinc on London

978-1016 Aethelred II Penny Swetinc on London Obverse

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Aethelred II Crux type penny, minted in London by the moneyer Swetinc. Æthelred - known as the Unready - ruled 978 to 1013 and again 1014 to 1016. The obverse of this silver coin shows a left facing draped portrait of the monarch holding a trefoil topped sceptre. The lettering around identifies him as king of the English. The reverse features a voided short cross within a circle with a pellet in the centre, the quarters created by the cross bearing the letters C R U X. This lettering - meaning ‘cross’ - gives this type its name. Crux pennies are probably the largest issue of coinage from Aethelreds reign. Conventional chronologies date this issue to between 991 and 997. Most were minted in Lincoln, Winchester, York and London. Lettering to the reverse identifies the moneyer as Swetinc, here rendered here as ‘SPETINC’. Aethelred II’s epithet - ‘The Unready’ - suggests he was ill advised and one ill advised decision might be said to be paying off Viking raiders. For better or worse this means that many examples were hoarded in Scandinavia and are, as such, in rather good condition. Surviving coinage, however, does show ‘peck marks’ from Viking bankers testing metal quality with a knife. 1.44 grams, 20.2 millimetres diameter. Grade: AVF - Dark patina, good flan and strong details, small die crack and minimal peck marks - about very Fine. Spink 1148.
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Left facing bust, draped, holding a trefoil sceptre. Legend around, outside of linear circle: '+/EDELRED REX ANGLORX'.


Voided short cross with pellet in center within linear circle, letters C R U X in angles. Legend: 'SPETINC ON LVN' (Swetinc on London).


AVF - Dark patina, good flan and strong details, small die crack and minimal peck marks - about very Fine. 


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