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1660-2 Charles II Hammered Silver Twopence MM Crown

1660-2 Charles II Hammered Silver Twopence MM Crown

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A collectable silver hammered Twopence from the third coin issue of King Charles the Second from the last hammered coin period that was struck of 1660-2 with the mint mark of ‘Crown’. The obverse features the crowned bust of the king with II behind representing twopence, the reverse shows the cross through shield of arms.
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Crowned tall bust of King Charles II facing right with II behind representing twopence. CAROLUS II D G MAG BRIT FRAN ET HIB REX mint mark ‘Crown’


Cross Fluery over square shield of royal arms. CHRISTO AUSPICE REGNO

Charles II

Born in 1630, Charles II was the son of Henrietta Maria and King Charles I. After his father was executed, Charles wasn’t crowned king immediately. England was Instead ruled by Oliver Cromwell as a republic. 11 years later, the monarchy was restored and Charles was crowned King Charles II. Like his father, he had disputes with Parliament and he spent his reign torn between the power Protestantism offered him and his deeply-held Catholic beliefs. His reign also saw the plague hit London in 1665 and the Great Fire of London in 1666. He died childless in 1685, outwardly converting to Catholicism on his deathbed. 


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