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1554-1558 Philip and Mary Shilling Undated

1554-1558 Philip and Mary Shilling Undated

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Undated Shilling of Mary I and Philip of Spain with facing portraits. Obverse: shows profile busts opposite with crown above and no date either side. The legend around reads: PHILIP · ET · MARIA · D · G · R · ANG · FR · NEAP · PR · HISP’. This proclaims Philip and Mary King and Queen of England as well as France and Naples, plus Prince and Princess of Spain. Reverse: garnished shield of royal arms - Mary’s impaled with Philips - with crown above. Legend reads: ‘· POSVIMVS · DEVM · ADIVTOREM · NOSTRVM ·’. The value ‘X II’ or Twelve Pence appears either side of the crown. Mary succeeded her younger brother Edward VI in 1553 and married Philip of Spain the following year. When she became queen consort of Spain her husband joined her on her Shillings and Sixpences, neither of which feature the lis mint mark which appears on their other denominations. Weight: 6.16 grams. Grade: GF - Light grey reflective patination with good overall details but a few weaker areas: Fine, comes with old tickets. S 2498, North 1967.
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Facing busts of Philip (left) and Mary (right), surmounted by crown. No date. Legend around reads: 'PHILIP · ET · MARIA · D · G · R · ANG · FR · NEAP · PR · HISP'.


Ornate oval shield of royal arms with crown above. Legend reads: '· POSVIMVS · DEVM · ADIVTOREM · NOSTRVM ·'. No value around crown.


This silver coin weighs 5.73 grams and has a diameter of 30.8 millimetres.


GF - Slightly short on flan near date and holed through obverse mint mark.



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