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1248-1250 Henry III Hammered Silver Penny Class 2b London

1248-1250 Henry III Hammered Silver Penny Class 2b London Obverse

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A collectable hammered silver Penny of King Henry the Third from the second phase of his long cross coinage, dated 1248 to 1250. This class 2b Penny features a forward-facing crowned portrait of Henrey III, sans sceptre, with the Star mint mark type 3 above. The legend around identifies this scarcer class in that it ends in ‘TERCI’. The reverse shows the typical voided long cross with three pellets in each quarter. The legend identifies the mint and the moneyer, in this case Nicole on London. The long cross replaced the short cross in 1247 with the new design intended to make clipping more obvious. Spink 1361A, North 984.
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Phase II, Provincial Phase. Class 2b. Facing crowned bust within a beaded circle. Initial mark: type 3 star. Legend: 'HENRIVS REX TERCI'.


Voided long cross with a dot at the centre and three pellets in each of the quarters. Legend: 'NICOLE ONT VND'.


F - A darker tone with some colour in places on a full flan with good details for a good Fine.


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