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1351-1361 Edward III Gold Half Noble Pre Treaty B/A Mule

1351-1361 Edward III Gold Half Noble Pre Treaty B/A Mule Obverse

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Gold hammered Half Noble of Edward the Third from the king’s fourth coinage (1351-1377). This example dates from the period before the Treaty of Brétigny (1361) which ended the first phase of the Hundred Years War and endorsed substantial English territorial gains on the continent. In return, Edward gave up his claim to the French throne. The Treaty only bought nine years respite with the conflict resuming in 1369. This pre-treaty Half Noble is a Lawrence series B/A mule. The obverse shows the crowned figure of the monarch, standing in a ship, with three ropes to the mast, holding a sword and a shield bearing the quartered arms used by Edward III, representing his claim to the French throne. The legend around with annulet reiterates this. The ‘E’ in ‘EDWARD’ appears before the ships bow where it cuts into the legend, instead of ‘ED’ as more commonly seen. The ornamental cross reverse centres on a closed ‘E’. The cross terminates in lis and in the angles appear lions and crowns. An extra lis appears next to the top right lion. This motif is enclosed within a tressure of arcs which is itself enclosed within a beaded circle. Double saltire stops are used in the legend as well as a cross pattée or ‘cross 3’ mint mark - positive identification would refine the dating. Spink 1491, North 1140, Schneider 10.
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Fourth coinage, pre-treaty period (1351-1361). B/A mule. Figure of the king standing in a ship at sea, holding a sword and a quartered shield of royal arms. Design within a beaded circle, without: 'EDWARD GRA REX ANGL Z FRA D HYB' with annulet stops. 'E' sits before the bow of the ship rather than 'ED' as usually found.


Closed 'E' at centre over ornamental cross with lis terminals. Crowns over lions in the angles within tressure of arcs and beaded circle, fleurs in the angles. Legend: '+ DOMINE xx IN xx FVRORE xx TVO xx ARGVAS xx ME'.


GF - Very minor shortage of flan and a crack through the kings shield, otherwise Good Fine with a clear portrait.


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