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Buy Farthing William IV (1830-1837) Coins

Buy rare coins issued during the reign of King William IV. William succeeded his brother George IV in 1830 at the age of 64, beginning a short but eventful reign. He ruled until 1837 when the throne passed to Queen Victoria. This British monarch's name is written in Latin on his money as 'GULIELMUS IIII'. William IV's coins feature a portrait of the King designed by Sir Francis Leggatt Chantrey, engraved by William Wyon

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coins issued during the reign of King William IV are valuable. This King's reign was much shorter than Queen Victoria's so many fewer coins were minted. Rare variants and William IV coins in excellent conditions can be worth hundreds or even thousands of Pounds.

'Gulielmus IIII' is the Latin name for the British monarch better known as King William IV who ruled between 1830 and 1837. UK coins with the name 'Gulielmus' on the heads side are not forgeries but this is not a rare error either: all of William IV's coins feature this Latin inscription.

The bare-headed, right-facing portrait that features on the coins of William IV is based on a portrait bust by the renowned British sculptor Sir Francis Leggatt Chantrey. This bust was adapted for coinage by the famous Royal Mint engraver William Wyon.

William IV Sovereigns are scarce and sought-after by serious coin collectors. This monarch's reign was short and Sovereigns were not minted in every year. Several types and variants are known and these can significantly increase the rarity and value of William IV Sovereigns.

Minute variations in historic British coinage as well as the level of wear can make some William IV coins, including gold Sovereigns very valuable. The Britannia Coin Company provides fast, expert valuations of William IV coins. Get in touch today to sell yours.

Proof 1831 William IV Double Sovereigns, 'full' Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns are rare and very valuable. Scarce pattern and proof William IV Crown coins are also sought-after by collectors as none of these large silver coins were issued for circulation in this period.


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