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2023 Gold Proof Five Coin Sovereign Set King Charles III Coronation

CSV523 2023 King Charles III Gold Proof Five Coin Sovereign Set Coronation Boxed

Buy a 2023 Gold Proof Five Coin Sovereign Set King Charles III Coronation

(VAT Exempt)
List Price: £5,650.00
Premium five-coin gold proof Sovereign set from The Royal MInt, struck to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. His Majesty was crowned at Westminster Abbey on 6 May 2023. Royal watchers have been offered a wide range of luxury collectibles, designed to mark the occasion, but none can compare to this 22-carat gold collection from the UK's national mint. Their Sovereigns have been closely associated with the royal family for centuries and this special issue for 2023 is like no other. The coronation proof set contains a Five Sovereign, Double Sovereign, 'full' Sovereign, Half Sovereign and Quarter Sovereign, all featuring a brand new, one off portrait of The King, wearing the Tudor Crown. This effigy by Martin Jennings is distinct from that which can be seen on circulating coinage and is exclusive to The Royal Mint's coronation collection. The reverses or 'tails' side of all five coins shows the image of St George and the dragon, instantly recognisable to coin collectors. In total, this five coin set contains 64.07 grams or 2.0599 troy ounces of pure gold. Each piece is manufactured to historic specifications using age-old techniques for a superior finish. Just 1,050 of these sets will be issued in 2023. We'll supply yours in new condition, inside the original presentation packaging with a numbered certificate of authenticity enclosed.
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Highly collectable, limited edition five-coin Charles III coronation Sovereign set: just 

Coins In 2023 Coronation 5 Sovereign Set


The 'heads' side of the five coins in this set shows Martin Jennings' crowned portrait of King Charles III, exclusive to the coronation range. The legends read: 'CHARLES III · DEI · GRA · REX · FID · DEF ·'.


Reverses show instantly-recognisable Saint George and the dragon motif by Italian artist, Benedetto Pistrucci. Artist initials - 'B.P.' - and date below.


Five official UK coins, struck to proof standard in a total of 69.89 grams of 91.67% fine crown gold. Actual pure gold weight: 64.07 grams or 2.0599 troy ounces.


New commemorative coin set from The Royal Mint from a strictly limited edition which will not exceed 1,050 pieces. Comes in original presentation packaging with the five Sovereigns sealed in individual clear capsules to protect their proof finish. Certificate of authenticity included.

What Are Sovereign Sets?

The first modern Sovereigns were struck in 1817 in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars. Over the next century, these gold coins became prized across the British Empire, trusted to contain a known and significant quantity of gold.

In the past, gold Sovereign sets were only issued by The Royal Mint to mark coronations. A very small number of proof coins were struck for Her Majesty's 1953 coronation but not issued. Proof Sovereigns would not be regularly struck until 1979 and a proof set would not be offered until 1980. Now they're a regular feature of The Royal Mint's offer, sought after by serious collectors as a means of acquiring an annual Sovereign range in one fell swoop.


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