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2002 Queen Elizabeth II Gold Proof Three Coin Sovereign Set Golden Jubilee

2002 3 Coin Gold Proof Sovereign Set Boxed
(VAT Exempt)
Three-coin proof Sovereign set from The Royal Mint. This 2002 Sovereign set contains a Double Sovereign, a 'full' Sovereign and a Half Sovereign, all featuring Timothy Noad's special reverse design, authorised for Her Majesty the Queen's Golden Jubilee. These coins were issued as international celebrations marked an impressive milestone for Elizabeth II: fifty years on the throne. She succeeded her father, George V, in 1952 and was crowned the follow year. Five decades on, Britain and the Commonwealth gilded themselves for the anniversary as the monarch completed an extensive royal tour which continued despite the deaths of Princess Margaret and the Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Noad's reverse design looks to the reign of Queen Victoria for inspiration, his crowned shield and wreath engraving clearly inspired by mid-nineteenth century Sovereigns. This one-year-only patter, used across the three coins in this collection, is paired with Ian Rank-Broadley's portrait of the Queen, introduced to UK currency in 1998. Cumulatively, the three 22 carat gold coins in this set weigh 27.95 grams, equating to a pure gold content of 25.62 grams. You'll recieve your 2002 Two Sovereign, 'full' Sovereign and Half Sovereign in their original green leather presentation case with a numbered certificate of authenticity, confirming that this set is one of just 3,947 of its kind issued by The Royal Mint in this year.
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A Double Sovereign, a 'full' Sovereign and a Half Sovereign, all dated 2002, in their original presentation packaging from The Royal Mint.

2002 Golden Jubilee Sovereigns

Most gold Sovereigns feature an instantly-recognisable image of Saint George to the reverse. The work of an Italian artist named Benedetto Pistrucci, this engraving was created for the first modern Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns, issued in 1817.

2002 Sovereigns mark a rare departure from this pattern, boasting a on-year-only reverse, authorised by The Royal Mint to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen's Golden Jubilee. The design features a shield of royal arms with a crown above in the centre of a laurel wreath, the date at the bottom. It's the work of heraldic artist Timothy Noad and is inspired by the coinage of Queen Victoria. Many of her Sovereigns featured a similar wreath and shield reverse.

Noad's design is paired with Ian Rank-Broadley's portrait of Elizabeth II. In use on British coinage between 1998 and 2015, this is the fourth definitive effigy seen on Her Majesty's money. It's accompanied by a legend that reads 'ELIZABETH · II · DEI · GRA REGINA · FID · DEF'.

What Coins Are In 2002 Sovereign Sets?

This proof 2002 Sovereign set features three key coins from the 2002 Sovereign family:

Each of these coins bears the same obverse and reverse design, scaled for the denomination. They are offered in their original green leather presentation case with a numbered certificate of authenticity enclosed. The fine proof finish of the coins is protected by screw-top capsules.

Collecting 2002 3-Coin Proof Sets

Sovereigns with special reverse designs are particularly sought after. Collectors appreciate the variations on the usual motifs and the limited numbers these coins are offered in add an extra appeal.

Just 3,947 three-coin Sovereign sets issued by The Royal Mint in 2002.

Proof Sovereign sets are among the worlds most recognisable collectible coinage, meaning they sell well when they come to the market. These coins offer a couple of important tax benefits too: they're VAT free as investment gold and Capital Gains Tax exempt as UK legal tender.

In total, the coin in this three-coin proof set weigh 27.95 grams, equating to a pure gold content of 25.62 grams. 

Interested in 2002 Sovereigns? We've also got individual 2002 proof Sovereigns in stock, plus a rare 13-coin gold proof set: the biggest Royal Mint gold set ever issued.

How Can I Sell A 2002 Sovereign Set?

Contact The Britannia Coin Company now if you're looking to sell a 2002 3-coin proof Sovereign set or other Sovereign sets from The Royal Mint. We buy these collectors sets for market leading prices. Visit our Sell Your Coins page to find out how you can get cash for your Sovereign set from home.


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