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One Ounce Silver Bullion Britannia Coins (Choose Your Date)

1oz Silver Britannias (Choose Your Date) Coins

Buy a One Ounce Silver Bullion Britannia Coins (Choose Your Date)

One ounce silver Britannias in our choice of date. Use the drop down box to select your year. These UK collectibles are The Royal Mint’s premier silver bullion coin, struck annually since 1998. They’re named for the female personification of the British Isles, Britannia. She’s a warrior goddess who has appeared on our coinage since Roman times. You’ll find her on a wide range of historic British coins but she only got her own range in 1987. These investment coins were initially only available in gold until a proof silver edition was issued in 1997 with bullion coins offered from the following year. Collectors of these 1oz coins appreciate the varied designs used on these coins across the decades, created by leading UK artists. While the face value here is Two Pounds, the true worth of these coins lies in their precious metal content. You’ll notice that the gross weight of these Britannias was reduced in 2013. That’s because the fineness was increased to 99.9%, resulting in a slightly smaller and lighter coins that, like earlier editions, boast one troy ounce (31.10 grams) of pure Ag. We’re supplying these coins in like-new, pre-owned condition on the VAT Margin scheme so we can offer you our best price. Complete your collection today with free UK postage.


Pick-your-date pre-owned and VAT-free one-ounce silver bullion Britannias from The Royal Mint.

The History Of Britannia Bullion Coins

The personification of the United Kingdom, Britannia, first appeared on Roman coins, struck during the reign of the Emperor Hadrian. Her image was revived for the coinage of Charles II. Since then, she's been a feature on the coins of every British monarch, a powerful symbol of national identity. You may recognise her from the tails side of old 50ps and new £2s.

Taking the form of a warlike goddess, Britannia has ruled over her own range of Royal Mint bullion coins since 1987. Initially, Britannias were only available in gold, but silver editions, fractional coins, collectors' proof pieces and even platinum examples have also been added to the roster over the years.

It's the 1oz coins that have remained the most popular, however, particularly silver Britannias. Widely available and instantly recognisable, these Royal Mint bullion coins offer a range of benefits to investors, particularly when they're pre-owned, like ours.

We offer these coins by the year (use the menu to pick yours) or at our best value price in our choice of date.

Silver Britannia Coin Designs

The first silver Britannias, issued in 1997, featured a reverse designed by sculptor and medallist Philip Nathan showing Britannia driving a horse-drawn chariot, looking a lot like the legendary British Queen Boudicca. The most common design seen on 1oz Britannias is another work by Nathan, referred to as the 'standing Britannia' which shows a female figure, standing against the wind with her trident, an olive branch and a Union Jack shield.

Over the years various designers have contributed reverse designs, using their own style to interpret this iconic UK figure, sometimes incorporating other national symbols like the lion or even a map of the British Isles. There are some unique reverses that are only used on proof Britannias but bullion editions feature a lot of variety too making these coins appealing to collectors as well as investors.

Three different portraits of Her Majesty the Queen have been used on silver 1oz Britannias so far: first Raphael Maklouf's (1997), then Ian Rank-Broadley's (1998-2015) and latterly Jody Clark's (2016-present). The effigy is surrounded by a legend that reads: 'ELIZABETH II · D · G · REG · F · D · 2 POUNDS ·'. 

Buy A 1oz Silver Britannia

Our silver 1oz Britannias are offered in excellent condition. These coins are in uncirculated condition and are all graded EF (Extremely Fine) or better, meaning they have very few signs of handling or wear. They're perfect for giving as a gift and you'll be able to appreciate the designs as the artists intended.

We authenticate all our coins carefully and our Britannias are no exception. Our team have been handling bullion coins for decades and we use our expertise, plus some state-of-the-art equipment to assess each piece.

You're guaranteed a genuine, high grade, silver Britannia when you order from The Britannia Coin Company.

These silver Britannias come loose, their surfaces protected by a clear plastic sleeve. We'll package your coins securely and discretely for postage which is free and insured to UK addresses. We aim to ship orders within 48 hours of receipt, Monday-Friday. International orders are subject to a flat £15 delivery fee, regardless of the size of your order. Visit our delivery page for more details.

What Purity Is Britannia Silver?

The purity of silver Britannias has changed very slightly since these coins were introduced in 1997.

Silver Britannias dated 1997 to 2012 are composed of 95.8% (.958) silver. From 2013 onwards, the fineness of the silver used was changed to 99.9% (.999).

1oz silver Britannias all contain the same amount of pure silver - one troy ounce - but the overall weight of these coins changed in 2013.

Britannia Coins minted before 2013 have a total mass of 32.45 grams. Later Britannias are lighter at 31.21 grams. The diameter of these coins also changed at the same time, going from 40.00 millimetres to 38.61 millimetres in 2013.

How Much Is A Silver Britannia Worth?

The face value of one-ounce silver Britannia coins is £2 / Two Pounds. Their status as legal tender gives them the authoritative backing of The Royal Mint who has produced all of the UK's coins for the last 1,100 years. That said, Britannias are worth much more than £2: their true value is dependent on the price of silver: you can see the live spot price for silver and other precious metals at the top of this page.

The value of silver fluctuates 24 hours a day during the working week and our prices for 1oz silver Britannias fluctuate with it. Similarly, if you're looking to sell silver coins, the price we can give you will depend on the state of the market. Our profit comes from charging a small margin over the spot price, which is much lower than other dealers.

There are some Britannia coins whose value is not tied so closely to the silver price. Proof Britannias are issued in limited numbers and demand higher prices as collector's items. Rare 2014 mule Britannias, struck with the wrong obverse are of interest to collectors as oddities. Reputable buyers will assess your coins individually, looking at their date, their condition and other factors before giving you a price for them.

Investing In 1oz Silver Britannias

We're not financial advisors but we know that our customers have a range of reasons for choosing silver Britannias over other bullion coins, including:

  1. Storing Wealth: each Britannia is made from one troy ounce of pure silver - investing in them means choosing the intrinsic security of precious metals as part of a diversified portfolio
  2. Accessible Prices: these coins sell for a small margin over the price of silver making 1oz Britannias an affordable entry point to stacking, particularly when compared to gold Britannias
  3. CGT Exemptions: as UK legal tender with a face value of £2, Britannias are Capital Gains Tax exempt: important if you're thinking of selling any time soon
  4. VAT Free: our Britannias are pre-owned, meaning they fall under the VAT Margin Scheme and we don't have to charge you Value Added Tax resulting in a cheaper product than those you can buy direct from the Mint
  5. Name Recognition: Britannias have a global reputation and can be easily liquidated because all coin and metal dealers will recognise their value and purity
  6. Design Changes: a new reverse every other year makes collecting Britannias fun, especially compared to bars or American Silver Eagles where the artwork doesn't change much
  7. Silver's Going Up: the industrial applications for silver are only increasing but production has dipped making the price of silver likely to rise in the near future

How To Sell Silver Britannia Coins?

Got silver 1oz Britannias you want to sell? We can offer free, no-obligation quotes for your bullion coins as well as modern collector's pieces and any historic coinage. Visit our Sell Your Coins page for details on how you can sell your Britannias from home and get cash for them fast.


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